Hifumi Takimoto

Japanese Name 滝本ひふみ
Romaji Name Takimoto Hifumi
Series New Game!
Height 162 cm
Date of Birth January 23
Blood Type AB


Hifumi Takimoto, a character from the anime series “New Game!”, has a unique and distinctive personality. She is known for her extreme shyness, to the point where she actively avoids direct interaction with others. Hifumi finds it difficult to engage in conversation and struggles to make eye contact. However, when communicating through the company’s computer messenger system, she becomes more animated and outgoing, showing a different side of her personality.
Despite her reserved nature, Hifumi has a passion for cosplay and is an avid fan of the Moon Ranger series. This hidden interest demonstrates her ability to immerse herself in creative and imaginative pursuits. In addition, Hifumi confides in her pet hedgehog, Sojiro, often sharing her problems and finding solace in their companionship.


Hifumi Takimoto is a member of the character design team at a game production company. Her role within the company is to create visual designs for various game elements. Hifumi’s dedication and talent make her a valuable asset to the team. However, her introverted nature sometimes poses challenges in communicating and collaborating with her colleagues.


Hifumi Takimoto is depicted as a fair-skinned girl with long purple hair. She often wears pink headphones, adding a touch of personal style to her appearance. Hifumi’s distinctive features, such as her headphones and unique hair color, add to her visual appeal and help her stand out as a character.


As a member of the character design team, Hifumi possesses exceptional artistic skills. Her ability to create visually appealing and engaging character designs contributes to the success of the games developed by the company. Despite her shyness, Hifumi’s talent allows her to express herself creatively through her work.


Hifumi Takimoto comes from the anime series “New Game!”, which revolves around the experiences of a group of employees working in the game development industry. Throughout the series, Hifumi’s character undergoes personal growth and development, gradually becoming more comfortable with social interactions and overcoming her shyness.

Hifumi Takimoto – FAQ

Who is Hifumi Takimoto?

Hifumi Takimoto is a fictional character in the anime and manga series “New Game! She is one of the main characters and a junior employee at the game development company Eagle Jump.

What is Hifumi Takimoto’s role at Eagle Jump?

Hifumi Takimoto is a character designer at Eagle Jump. She is responsible for creating and designing characters for the company’s video games.

What are Hifumi Takimoto’s personality traits?

Hifumi Takimoto is introverted and socially anxious. She is often shy and struggles with communication, preferring to express herself through text messages rather than face-to-face conversations. Despite her reserved nature, Hifumi is highly skilled and dedicated to her work.

Does Hifumi Takimoto have any hobbies?

Hifumi Takimoto is an avid cat fan. She enjoys collecting cat-themed merchandise and frequently visits cat cafes in her spare time. She is also interested in photography.

What is Hifumi Takimoto’s relationship to the other characters in “New Game!

Hifumi Takimoto is close friends with the other members of her team at Eagle Jump, including Aoba Suzukaze and Yun Iijima. She forms a particularly strong bond with Aoba, often providing her with advice and support. Hifumi also has a close friendship with Hajime Shinoda, another employee of the company.

Does Hifumi Takimoto have any special skills or talents?

As a character designer, Hifumi Takimoto has excellent artistic skills. She is talented at creating detailed and visually appealing character designs for video games. In addition, Hifumi is known for her exceptional attention to detail and ability to concentrate on her work for long periods of time.

Is there any character development for Hifumi Takimoto throughout the series?

Yes, Hifumi Takimoto undergoes character development throughout New Game! At first, she struggles with her shyness and finds it difficult to interact with others. However, as the series progresses, she becomes more comfortable expressing herself and develops stronger relationships with her peers. Hifumi’s growth also includes gaining confidence in her skills as a character designer.