Manabu Takasaki

Japanese Name 高崎 学
Romaji Name Takasaki Manabu
Nicknames None
Series Nichijou
Age 26
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


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A teacher with an unrequited love in “Nichijou


Manabu Takasaki, a supporting character in the anime series “Nichijou,” is a 26-year-old male teacher with a distinct personality. He is portrayed as a kind-hearted and well-meaning individual who often finds himself in comedic situations. Takasaki is known to have romantic feelings for his colleague, Izumi Sakurai, but is too shy to express his affection for her. Despite his failures in love, Takasaki remains dedicated to his job as a teacher and shows genuine concern for his students.


Not much is revealed about Takasaki’s background in the anime series. However, it is revealed that he is a teacher at the same school as the main characters, Yukko, Mai and Mio. His role revolves around providing guidance and support to his students while dealing with his own personal struggles with love and relationships. Takasaki’s background and past experiences are not extensively explored, but his interactions with other characters shed light on his caring and somewhat awkward nature.


Takasaki is portrayed as a typical adult character in “Nichijou”. He has short, brown hair and wears glasses that add to his scholarly appearance. He is often seen in formal attire consisting of a shirt, tie, and blazer, reflecting his role as a teacher. Takasaki’s design reflects his mature and responsible nature, while his slightly disheveled appearance adds a touch of relatability to his character.


In terms of skills, Takasaki does not possess any extraordinary powers or abilities. Instead, his strengths lie in his dedication to teaching and his genuine concern for his students’ well-being. He strives to create a positive learning environment and often goes the extra mile to support his students academically and emotionally. Although his attempts to express his feelings to Sakurai are not always successful, Takasaki’s persistence and sincerity make him a likable and endearing character.

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Takasaki’s origin as a character is in the anime and manga series “Nichijou”. Created by Keiichi Arawi, “Nichijou” is a slice-of-life comedy that follows the lives of various high school students and teachers, including Takasaki. The series explores the humorous and often absurd situations that arise in their daily lives. Takasaki’s character adds an element of lightheartedness and romance to the overall storyline, providing comedic relief and moments of heartfelt emotion.

Manabu Takasaki – FAQ

Who is Manabu Takasaki?

Manabu Takasaki is a character from the anime and manga series “Nichijou”. He is a high school teacher at Tokisadame High School.

What is Manabu Takasaki’s personality like?

Manabu Takasaki is generally portrayed as a kind and caring person. He is known for his friendly and approachable nature and often goes out of his way to help his students.

What subjects does Manabu Takasaki teach?

Manabu Takasaki is primarily shown teaching mathematics to his students. He is often seen trying to engage his students in learning the subject, although he sometimes struggles to keep their attention.

Does Manabu Takasaki have any notable quirks or habits?

Yes, Manabu Takasaki has some notable quirks. He tends to get nervous easily, especially in awkward or embarrassing situations. He also has a habit of apologizing profusely, even for minor things.

Does Manabu Takasaki have any significant relationships with other characters?

Manabu Takasaki is portrayed as having a crush on his fellow teacher, Izumi Sakurai. However, his feelings are often unrequited, and their interactions are usually comedic in nature.

What is Manabu Takasaki’s role in the overall story of “Nichijou”?

Manabu Takasaki is a supporting character in Nichijou. Although he does not play a central role in the main storyline, he contributes to the comedic and lighthearted atmosphere of the series through his interactions with other characters, especially his students.