Yotsugi Ononoki

Original Name 斧乃木 余接
Romaji Name Ononoki Yotsugi
Nicknames Yotsugi-chan, Yotsugi
Series Nisemonogatari, Monogatari Series
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Yotsugi Ononoki, a character from the anime series “Nisemonogatari”, is known for her unique and distinctive personality. She is an expressionless individual who often shows a lack of emotion in her facial expressions and speech. Yotsugi refers to herself with the masculine first-person pronoun “boku” and has a somewhat robotic way of speaking.
Despite her seemingly unemotional demeanor, Yotsugi is fiercely loyal to her master, Yozuru Kagenui, whom she considers her sister. She has a strong sense of duty and is dedicated to fulfilling her role as Yozuru’s shikigami familiar. Yotsugi’s loyalty and dedication are evident in her actions and her willingness to go to great lengths to protect and assist Yozuru.

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Yotsugi Ononoki’s background is intriguing and tied to the supernatural world depicted in the Monogatari series. She was once a human, but was resurrected by Yozuru Kagenui as a Tsukumogami, a type of supernatural creature. The exact circumstances and reasons behind her transformation into a tsukumogami are not explicitly stated.
As a Tsukumogami, Yotsugi possesses unique abilities and knowledge. She is known to possess an ability called “Unlimited Rulebook,” which gives her immense power and versatility. Yotsugi can transform her finger into a weapon and manipulate it at will. She also has the ability to fly and perform various other supernatural feats.


Yotsugi Ononoki has a distinctive and visually striking appearance. She has short white hair and pale blue eyes. Her white hair contrasts with her mostly black outfit, which consists of a black dress and thigh-high stockings. Yotsugi’s outfit is reminiscent of a gothic Lolita style, further emphasizing her otherworldly and mysterious nature.
Yotsugi’s overall appearance contributes to her enigmatic personality and sets her apart from other characters in the series. Her expressionless face and monotonous voice add to her unique visual presence.


Yotsugi Ononoki possesses extraordinary abilities that make her a formidable character in the Monogatari series. Her most notable power is the “Unlimited Rulebook”. This ability gives her immense control over her surroundings and allows her to manipulate reality to a certain extent. Yotsugi can shape-shift her body parts, use them as weapons, and even perform aerial maneuvers.
In addition to her shape-shifting abilities, Yotsugi has advanced combat skills and agility. She is capable of engaging in intense combat and defeating powerful opponents. Her supernatural abilities, combined with her unwavering loyalty to Yozuru Kagenui, make her a valuable asset in the supernatural conflicts of the series.


Yotsugi Ononoki’s origin as a tsukumogami and her subsequent role as Yozuru Kagenui’s shikigami familiar are integral to her character. While the exact details of her transformation into a tsukumogami are not fully explored, it is implied that Yozuru played a significant role in her resurrection.
Yozuru Kagenui is an aberration specialist, and together with Yotsugi they form an exorcist duo. Yotsugi’s resurrection as a tsukumogami by Yozuru led to her close association with the Occult Research Club and her involvement in various supernatural events depicted in the Monogatari series.
Yotsugi Ononoki’s origin story and her subsequent journey as a tsukumogami and shikigami familiar contribute to the overarching narrative of the Monogatari series, adding depth and intrigue to her character.

Yotsugi Ononoki – FAQ

Who is Yotsugi Ononoki?

Yotsugi Ononoki is a character from the anime and light novel series “Nisemonogatari”. She is a doll-like creature known as a “shikigami” and serves as an assistant to the protagonist, Koyomi Araragi.

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What are Yotsugi Ononoki’s abilities?

As a shikigami, Yotsugi has supernatural abilities. She has increased physical strength, agility and endurance. In addition, she can teleport, fly, and manipulate her body in various ways, such as extending her limbs or disassembling herself.

How does Yotsugi Ononoki communicate?

Yotsugi communicates in a unique way. She has a robotic and emotionless way of speaking, often using repetitive phrases and odd sentence structures. Her unique speech patterns add to her overall charm and distinctiveness as a character.

What is Yotsugi Ononoki’s role in Nisemonogatari?

In “Nisemonogatari,” Yotsugi is initially introduced as an antagonist sent by a mysterious organization to investigate and eliminate supernatural aberrations. However, her role evolves as she forms a bond with Koyomi Araragi and becomes a valuable ally in his battles against various paranormal phenomena.

What is the significance of Yotsugi Ononoki’s appearance?

Yotsugi’s appearance is distinctly doll-like, with pale skin, wide eyes, and twin ponytails. Her design reflects her artificial nature as a shikigami and adds to her enigmatic and otherworldly aura.

Does Yotsugi Ononoki have any memorable catchphrases?

Yes, Yotsugi is known for her catchphrase “I said with a posed look”. She often repeats this phrase when making statements or emphasizing a point, adding to her unique characterization and quirky personality.