Japanese Name ネズミ
Romaji Name Nezumi
Nicknames Mouse, Rat, Eve
Series No.6
Age 16 (presumed)
Weight 63 kg
Height 178 cm (5’10”)
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type O

Nezumi from “No.6”: A closer look at the mysterious character

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Nezumi, also known as “Mouse” or “Rat”, is a complex and enigmatic character in the anime series “No.6”. He has a rude and straightforward demeanor and often displays a deep hatred for the city of No.6. Despite being initially labeled as a criminal, Nezumi shows honorable traits by saving the protagonist, Shion, and repaying his debt. He is portrayed as intelligent, quick-witted, and resourceful, as evidenced by his ability to outsmart the Security Bureau officers and steal their car. Nezumi’s personality is multifaceted, making him a compelling character in the series.


Nezumi’s background is shrouded in mystery. Little is known about his past, including his exact date of birth. However, it is implied that he was born in 2001, making him the same age as Shion, the protagonist of the series. Nezumi is a fugitive who escaped from prison and is constantly on the run from the authorities. After being shot, he seeks refuge in Shion’s house and is treated and sheltered by him. The next morning, Nezumi disappears without a trace. His deep knowledge of the city of No.6 suggests that he has hidden information that others are unaware of.


Nezumi’s appearance is distinctive and memorable. He has dark blue hair, which he wears in a short ponytail, allowing strands to hang down the sides of his face. His eyes are light gray, adding to his mysterious aura. Throughout the series, Nezumi is seen wearing a cloak with a hood, which he later removes to temporarily blind his enemies. He also wears a dark green jacket with multiple pockets, gray pants, and a large scarf around his neck. Nezumi’s muscular physique adds to his overall presence.


Nezumi possesses several skills that contribute to his survival and resourcefulness. He is highly skilled in combat, as evidenced by his ability to single-handedly defeat several Security Bureau officers. In addition, Nezumi is known to have created intelligent robot rats that serve as his companions and can follow his commands. These abilities demonstrate his ingenuity and adaptability in challenging situations, making him a formidable character.


While Nezumi’s exact origins are never revealed, it is revealed in the series that he is the only survivor of the forest people. His deep-seated hatred for No. 6 stems from the burning of his forest home. This tragic event serves as a driving force behind Nezumi’s actions and motivations throughout the series. Nezumi’s connection to the forest people and his knowledge of the secrets of the city make him an integral part of the narrative.
Nezumi’s character in “No.6” is a captivating blend of mystery, intelligence, and resilience. His complex personality, fascinating background, unique appearance, and extraordinary abilities add to the depth and intrigue of the series. As the story unfolds, viewers are drawn further into Nezumi’s world, eager to uncover the secrets he holds and witness his role in shaping the events of No.6.

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Nezumi – FAQ

Who is Nezumi in “No.6”?

Nezumi, also known as Rat, is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “No.6”. He is a young man who lives in the West Block, a poverty-stricken area outside the utopian city-state known as No.6. Nezumi is highly intelligent, resourceful, and skilled in acting and singing.

What is Nezumi’s role in the story?

Nezumi plays an important role in the story of No.6. He becomes a central figure in the life of Shion, the other protagonist, after taking refuge in Shion’s home. Nezumi is driven by the desire to uncover the dark secrets of No.6 and bring about its downfall. He acts as a catalyst for Shion’s awakening and gradually develops a deep bond with him.

What are Nezumi’s skills and abilities?

Nezumi possesses a number of abilities and skills that add to the complexity of his character. He is exceptionally intelligent, with a vast knowledge of literature, history, and politics. Nezumi is also an excellent actor and singer, often using his talents to deceive or entertain others. In addition, he is skilled in combat and survival tactics, honed by his experiences in the harsh environment of the West Block.

What is the relationship between Nezumi and Shion?

The relationship between Nezumi and Shion in “No.6” evolves over the course of the series. At first, Nezumi is suspicious of Shion, but eventually comes to trust and rely on him. Their bond deepens into a deep friendship and eventually blossoms into a romantic relationship. Their relationship serves as a central theme in the story, highlighting themes of love, trust, and sacrifice.

What are Nezumi’s motivations and goals?

Nezumi is motivated by a deep-seated desire for justice and to uncover the truth. He holds a strong grudge against No. 6 for its oppressive and corrupt nature, having witnessed its atrocities firsthand. Nezumi’s primary goal is to dismantle No. 6 and free its citizens from the city-state’s control. He also seeks to avenge the deaths of his loved ones as a result of No. 6’s actions.

Does Nezumi have any weaknesses or vulnerabilities?

Despite his strengths, Nezumi is not without weaknesses and vulnerabilities. He carries emotional scars from his past and can be cautious and suspicious of others. Nezumi’s fierce determination to achieve his goals can sometimes lead him to make rash decisions or put himself in danger. In addition, his deep bond with Shion makes him susceptible to emotional turmoil and the fear of losing someone he cares about.