Japanese Name ジブリール
Romaji Name Jiburīru
Nicknames Jii-chan
Series No Game No Life
Age 6407
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Jibril from “No Game No Life”: A fascinating character with limitless knowledge and power.


Jibril, also known as “Jii-chan”, is a fascinating character from the anime series “No Game No Life”. She is a member of the Wing Race and is portrayed as the youngest and strongest of them. Jibril’s defining characteristic is her insatiable love of knowledge, which developed before the establishment of the Ten Oaths. She has an extraordinary thirst for learning and is always eager to expand her understanding of the world.
Despite her immense power and intelligence, Jibril has a unique personality. Unlike some characters, she willingly accepts her role as a servant to the protagonist siblings, Sora and Shiro. Over time, she begins to understand and accept Sora’s belief in human potential. Jibril’s character development shows her evolving perspective and growing affection for the protagonists.


Jibril left her homeland, Avant Heim, due to her disagreement with the Book Sharing Law imposed by the Council of Eighteen Wings. In her quest for knowledge, she challenged the former king of Elchea to a game to win the National Library. After losing the game to Sora, she became his and Shiro’s servant, having bet everything she owned, including herself. However, she was allowed to keep the library and share it with the rest of Imanity.


Jibril’s appearance is visually striking. A member of the winged race, she has ethereal features and angelic wings. Her long, vibrant blue hair and piercing blue eyes add to her enchanting presence. Jibril’s outfit consists of a white, intricate gown with gold accents, showcasing her regal and elegant demeanor.


The strongest of the wing race, Jibril possesses extraordinary abilities and powers. Her immense knowledge and intellectual prowess make her a formidable opponent in any game or challenge. Jibril’s incredible physical strength, agility, and magical abilities make her a force to be reckoned with in battle.


Jibril’s character originated in the light novel series “No Game No Life” written by Yuu Kamiya. The series was later adapted into an anime, further popularizing Jibril’s character among fans. Her portrayal in the anime effectively brings to life her unique personality, background, appearance, and abilities, captivating viewers with her complex and intriguing nature.

Jibril – FAQ

Who is Jibril in “No Game No Life”?

Jibril is a character in the anime and light novel series “No Game No Life”. She is a Wing, a race of angelic beings with immense knowledge and magical abilities. Jibril is known for her great intelligence and is considered one of the most powerful characters in the series.

What are Jibril’s powers and abilities?

Jibril has a wide range of abilities and powers. She has superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and incredible magical knowledge. Jibril can manipulate and control magic, making her a formidable opponent in any game or battle. She also has an extensive memory and can quickly analyze and strategize during competitions.

How does Jibril fit into the story?

Jibril plays an important role in No Game No Life. At first, she appears as an antagonist, but later she becomes an important ally of the main protagonists, Sora and Shiro. Jibril’s vast knowledge and skills make her a valuable asset in their quests and challenges against other races in the world of Disboard.

What is Jibril’s personality like?

Jibril is a complex personality. She is highly intelligent and takes pride in her vast knowledge. However, she can also be arrogant and condescending to those she considers inferior. Jibril has a strong desire for knowledge and enjoys collecting books and information. Despite her sometimes haughty demeanor, she develops a deeper understanding of the value of emotion and friendship as the story progresses.

Are there any memorable moments involving Jibril?

Yes, Jibril has several memorable moments in No Game No Life. One notable scene is her intense battle against the Werebeast Exceed, where she demonstrates her incredible magical abilities and strategic thinking. Another memorable moment is when Jibril becomes a key player in the Great War between the various races, using her knowledge and powers to aid the protagonists.

Does Jibril have any weaknesses?

While Jibril is incredibly powerful, she does have some weaknesses. One of her weaknesses is her pride in her knowledge, which can sometimes cloud her judgment. In addition, Jibril’s powers are primarily magical, so she may struggle against opponents with specific resistances or countermeasures to magic. However, her intelligence and adaptability often allow her to overcome these challenges.