Japanese Name M-21
Romaji Name Emu-21
Nicknames Number Four
Series Noblesse: Awakening, Noblesse
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

M-21 from “Noblesse: Awakening

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M-21, also known as “Number Four”, is initially portrayed as a cold-hearted and rebellious character in the anime series “Noblesse: Awakening”. He often seeks out trouble to relieve his boredom and has a somewhat aloof and distant demeanor. However, as the story progresses, M-21’s personality develops significantly. He forms close bonds of friendship and loyalty with other characters, especially his fellow lab rat M-24 and his new allies Frankenstein and Rai.


M-21 is one of the first hundred humans to be experimented on by the Union. He is designated as the 21st human in that batch. Unfortunately, he is classified as a failed experiment and is assigned to the lowest ranking agent position in the Union, along with M-24. M-21 is the only survivor of the early experiments.
With no pre-experiment memories, M-21 and M-24 embark on a quest to discover their true identities and those of the other test subjects. Their journey of self-discovery leads them to face various challenges and dangers.


M-21 has a distinctive appearance that reflects his unique character design. He has short, dark hair and sharp, penetrating eyes. His physique is well-built and athletic, hinting at his enhanced physical abilities as a result of the experimental modifications he has undergone. M-21 often wears a black uniform, indicating his affiliation with the Union.


Through experimentation by the Union, M-21 gains extraordinary powers and abilities. He gradually develops the ability to change his physical form, a skill he keeps hidden from the Union to prevent further experimentation. M-21’s physical strength, agility, and combat skills are greatly enhanced, making him a formidable fighter.
It is also revealed that M-21 has undergone extensive genetic modification, including the implantation of a werewolf’s heart. This unique modification further enhances his powers, giving him abilities comparable to the Nobles, the series’ powerful vampire-like beings.


M-21’s origins lie in the experiments conducted by the Union, an organization dedicated to human experimentation and the pursuit of power. As one of the early test subjects, M-21 carries the legacy of the Union’s unethical practices. His journey in Noblesse: Awakening revolves around discovering his true identity, unraveling the mysteries surrounding the experiments, and ultimately finding a place where he belongs.
While the information available on the MyAnimeList page for M-21 provides valuable insight into his character, additional details about his story and development can be found through further research on Google or by watching the Noblesse: Awakening anime series.

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This article is based on the character M-21 from “Noblesse: Awakening” as described on the provided MyAnimeList page and supplemented with information from Google search results.

M-21 – FAQ

Who is M-21 in Noblesse: Awakening?

M-21 is a character in the webtoon series “Noblesse: Awakening”. He is a modified human created by the Union’s experiments, specifically the M-Series experiments.

What are M-21’s abilities?

M-21 has enhanced physical attributes, including superhuman strength, speed, agility, and endurance. He also has accelerated healing abilities that allow him to recover from injuries at an accelerated rate.

How did M-21 become an enhanced human?

M-21 became a modified human through the experiments of the Union. The Union, an organization in the “Noblesse” universe, conducted experiments on humans to enhance their abilities and create powerful soldiers. M-21 was one of the subjects.

What is M-21’s role in Noblesse: Awakening?

In Noblesse: Awakening, M-21 initially serves as a member of the Union and is involved in their activities. However, as the story progresses, he becomes a key ally of the main protagonist, Rai, and joins him in his fight against the Union and other threats.

Does M-21 have any connection to the main protagonist, Rai?

M-21 forms a close bond with Rai, the main character of Noblesse. They develop a strong friendship and work together to protect their friends and fight the plans of the Union.

Can M-21 be considered a noble in the Noblesse universe?

No, M-21 is not a Noble in the Noblesse universe. Nobles are an ancient race with supernatural abilities and are different from modified humans like M-21. However, M-21’s unique abilities and his association with the main characters make him a formidable ally in the series.