Hikage Miyauchi

Japanese Name 宮内 ひかげ
Romaji Name Miyauchi Hikage
Nicknames Hika-nee
Series Non Non Biyori
Age 16
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth December 7
Blood Type O+


Hikage Miyauchi, a character from the anime “Non Non Biyori”, is portrayed as a responsible and kind-hearted individual. Despite being a high school student in Tokyo, she maintains a strong sense of responsibility to her family. Hikage is known for being true to her word and making an effort to come home as often as possible. She also enjoys attention and often boasts about her life in the city.

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Hikage Miyauchi is the younger sister of Kazuho Miyauchi and the older sister of Renge Miyauchi. She attends high school in Tokyo and is a graduate of the Asahigaoka Branch School. Hikage’s family lives in Tokyo, and she often commutes between the city and her hometown. While her exact background and upbringing are not explicitly discussed in the available sources, it can be inferred that she leads a relatively normal and average life as a high school student.


Hikage Miyauchi has a typically youthful appearance, reflecting her age as a high school student. However, specific details regarding her physical appearance, such as her height, weight, and facial features, are not readily available from the sources provided. Visual references or illustrations of Hikage may provide a more accurate depiction of her appearance.


No special abilities or talents are attributed to Hikage Miyauchi in the available sources. As a high school student, it can be assumed that she possesses the usual academic skills and knowledge expected for her age. However, the character’s abilities may be further explored and revealed during the course of the anime series “Non Non Biyori”.


Hikage Miyauchi originates from the anime series “Non Non Biyori”. The series, created by Atto, follows the daily lives of a group of students attending a rural school in the countryside. Hikage plays a supporting role in the series, being the older sister of Renge Miyauchi and the younger sister of Kazuho Miyauchi. Her character adds to the overall charm and dynamic of the series, providing a contrast between the rural and urban lifestyles.


The information provided is based on available sources and may not include all details about the character. For a more complete understanding of Hikage Miyauchi, further exploration of the anime series and related materials is recommended.

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Hikage Miyauchi – FAQ

Who is Hikage Miyauchi in “Non Non Biyori”?

Hikage Miyauchi is a character in the anime and manga series “Non Non Biyori”. She is the older sister of Hotaru Miyauchi and a student at a different school.

What is Hikage’s personality like?

Hikage is portrayed as a shy and introverted character. She tends to be reserved and quiet, often keeping to herself. She is also portrayed as caring for her younger sister Hotaru.

Does Hikage have any hobbies or interests?

Hikage is shown to be interested in photography. She often carries a camera with her and enjoys taking pictures of the beautiful scenery and nature around her.

How does Hikage interact with other characters?

Hikage has a close relationship with her younger sister, Hotaru. She also interacts with the other main characters in the series, such as Renge, Natsumi, and Komari, although her interactions are relatively limited because she attends a different school.

Does Hikage play an important role in the series?

Although Hikage is not one of the main characters in “Non Non Biyori,” she makes occasional appearances throughout the series. His presence helps provide insight into Hotaru’s family life and adds depth to the overall story.

Are there any memorable moments involving Hikage in the series?

One memorable moment involving Hikage is when she visits her sister Hotaru’s school during the cultural festival. Her shy and reserved nature makes for some humorous and heartwarming interactions with the other characters.