Japanese Name 雪音
Romaji Name Yukine
Nicknames Sekki, Drippy
Series Noragami
Age 14
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


The complex character of Noragami

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Yukine, a character from the anime and manga series Noragami, has a complex and multifaceted personality. Initially, as an aimless wandering ghost, he harbored feelings of dissatisfaction and rebellion. However, as the story progresses, Yukine undergoes significant character development. He demonstrates a strong sense of right and wrong, and works diligently to better himself after past mistakes. In time, he gains a sense of pride and begins to embrace his role as Yato’s Regalia.


Yukine’s background is one of tragedy. He died at a young age, leaving behind his normal life as a middle school student. His troubled relationship with his father is hinted at in the series, as Yato becomes aware of the difficulties Yukine faced in his life. This troubled past contributes to his initial rebellious nature and feelings of discontent.


Yukine appears as a young boy with short, silver hair and piercing blue eyes. His design reflects his youthfulness and vulnerability. When called “Sekki,” he transforms into a katana and displays his connection to Yato as his regalia.


As Yato’s regalia, Yukine possesses unique abilities. When transformed into his katana form, he becomes a powerful weapon capable of fighting Phantoms, malevolent spirits that threaten humans. Throughout the series, Yukine continues to develop his skills and abilities, growing stronger both physically and emotionally.


Yukine’s origin lies in his encounter with Yato, the series’ main protagonist and a minor deity. While wandering as a ghost, Yukine was picked up by Yato and transformed into a Shinki, a divine weapon. This connection between Yato and Yukine forms the basis of their dynamic and the central focus of the series.
Yukine’s character arc in Noragami is marked by growth, maturity, and the exploration of themes such as redemption and self-acceptance. His journey from a rebellious spirit to a loyal and dedicated Regalia is intricately woven into the overarching narrative of the series. Yukine’s struggles and personal growth make him a compelling and relatable character for audiences to follow.

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The information used for this article is based on the character profile of Yukine on MyAnimeList.net and additional sources as needed.

Yukine – FAQ

Who is Yukine in “Noragami”?

Yukine is a main character in the manga and anime series “Noragami”. He is a “Regalia”, a spirit weapon that serves the god Yato.

What is Yukine’s role in the series?

Yukine serves as Yato’s Shinki, a spirit weapon that Yato uses to fight evil spirits. He plays a crucial role in Yato’s battles and helps him fulfill his duties as a god.

How does Yukine become a Regalia?

Yukine becomes a Regalia when he dies as a human. If a person dies with strong emotions or regrets, they can potentially become a ghost and be turned into a Regalia by a god like Yato.

What are Yukine’s powers as a Regalia?

As a Regalia, Yukine has several powers. He can transform into a weapon, usually a katana, which Yato uses to fight. He also has the ability to purify and destroy evil spirits.

What challenges does Yukine face in the series?

Yukine faces several challenges throughout the series. One of the main struggles is dealing with his past life and the emotions associated with it. He feels guilt and remorse for his actions as a human, which affects his relationship with Yato and his ability to fight effectively.

How does Yukine’s character develop in “Noragami”?

Yukine undergoes significant character development throughout the series. At first, he is rebellious and struggles to accept his new existence as a Regalia. However, through his experiences and interactions with Yato and other characters, he learns to appreciate his role and develops a sense of loyalty and maturity.