Original Name レヴィアタン
Romaji Name Leviatan
Nicknames Levi
Series Obey Me!
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth April 9th
Blood Type Unknown

Leviathan from “Obey Me! A Demon of Envy

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Leviathan, also known as Levi, is a prominent character in the popular game and anime series “Obey Me!”. He embodies the sin of envy and is one of the seven demon brothers. Leviathan has a complex personality, often displaying a mixture of arrogance, insecurity, and a desire for attention. He is known for his obsession with the Internet and spends a great deal of time browsing various online platforms.


As a former angel turned demon, Leviathan has a unique background. He is the third oldest of the demon brothers and has been around for quite some time. While the details of his past are not extensively explored, it is implied that his fall from grace as an angel is related to his sin of envy.


Leviathan has distinct physical features that set him apart from other characters in “Obey Me!” He has indigo hair with side-swept bangs that fall to the left. His eyes are orange with a purplish hue, and his pale skin adds to his unique appearance. Like his demon brethren, Leviathan has painted nails that alternate between cyan and dark indigo.


While the extent of Leviathan’s abilities is not fully explored in the available sources, it is implied that he possesses powers related to his sin of envy. In the game and anime, he is shown to have a deep understanding of technology and is skilled at manipulating digital platforms. Leviathan is also shown to be skilled in the use of magic, though the specifics of his magical abilities are not explicitly revealed.


Leviathan’s origin in the Obey Me! universe is consistent with the game’s lore and storyline. As a demon, he resides in Devildom, a realm ruled by the Seven Demon Brothers and their powerful demon lord, Lucifer. The character’s background and development are closely tied to the game’s overarching narrative, which revolves around the protagonist’s interactions with the Demon Brothers and his journey through Devildom.

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Leviathan – FAQ

FAQ about Leviathan from “Obey Me!

Who is Leviathan in “Obey Me!
Leviathan is one of the main characters in the mobile game “Obey Me! He is one of the seven demon brothers and represents the sin of envy.
What is Leviathan’s personality like?
Leviathan is known to be lazy and laid back. He loves video games and spends a lot of time in his room playing them. He can be sarcastic and has a competitive streak, especially when it comes to gaming.
What are Leviathan’s physical characteristics?
Leviathan has long, wavy green hair and pale blue eyes. He often wears headphones around his neck and has a distinctive snake-like tattoo on his left arm.
How does Leviathan interact with other characters?
Leviathan has a complicated relationship with his brothers. He often bickers and teases them, especially Lucifer and Satan. He has a close friendship with Beelzebub and a roommate relationship with Mammon.
What are Leviathan’s hobbies and interests?
Leviathan is passionate about video games and spends most of his time playing them. He is also interested in anime and manga and enjoys collecting merchandise related to his favorite series.
Is there a romantic storyline involving Leviathan?
Yes, Obey Me! includes a romantic storyline for each of the demon brothers, including Leviathan. Players will have the opportunity to develop a romantic relationship with him by choosing the right dialog options and completing his character-specific events.