Original Name マモン
Romaji Name Mammon
Nicknames N/A
Series Obey Me!
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth September 10th
Blood Type N/A

Mammon from “Obey Me! – The Avatar of Greed

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Mammon, the Avatar of Greed, is a fascinating character in the popular “Obey Me!” anime and game series. Known for his insatiable desire for wealth and material possessions, Mammon embodies the essence of greed. He is portrayed as a complex and multi-dimensional character with both positive and negative traits.
Despite his greedy nature, Mammon has a surprisingly caring side. He often acts as a guardian and protector of his younger demonic brethren, demonstrating a deep sense of loyalty and familial love. However, his desire for money and indulgence can sometimes cloud his judgment, leading to impulsive and reckless behavior.


One of the seven demonic brothers, Mammon has a fascinating backstory. Originally an angel, he fell from grace due to his overwhelming desire for wealth. This fall transformed him into a demon, and he embraced his new identity as the avatar of greed.
Mammon’s backstory adds depth to his character by exploring the consequences of his insatiable greed. It also provides insight into the inner struggle he faces, torn between his angelic past and demonic present.


Mammon’s appearance is striking and distinctive. He has white, disheveled hair and tanned skin, which contrasts with his vivid blue and yellow gradient eyes. Mammon pays attention to his fashion choices, wearing gold stud earrings and two silver rings on his right hand. Like his demon brethren, he paints his nails, but opts for white nail polish.
These physical features contribute to Mammon’s overall aesthetic and help convey his rebellious and flamboyant nature. His unique appearance makes him instantly recognizable among the cast of “Obey Me!


In the world of Obey Me!, each character possesses unique abilities, and Mammon is no exception. As the avatar of greed, he harnesses the power of avarice and wealth manipulation. Mammon can create illusions, often in the form of treasure and wealth, to entice and deceive others.
In addition, Mammon is skilled in combat, using his quick reflexes and agility to outmaneuver his opponents. His powers of persuasion and manipulation make him a formidable adversary, as he can exploit the desires and weaknesses of others to his advantage.


The Mammon character is inspired by several mythological and religious sources. In religious texts, Mammon is often associated with wealth and material possessions. In “Obey Me!”, Mammon is the embodiment of this concept, personifying greed and its consequences.
While the specific details of Mammon’s origin within the Obey Me! universe may vary, his character is consistent with the broader theme of temptation and the lure of earthly desires. This connection to mythology adds depth to Mammon’s portrayal and underscores the moral and philosophical undertones present in the series.

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Mammon – FAQ

Who is Mammon in “Obey Me!

Mammon is one of the main characters in the mobile game “Obey Me! Shall We Date? He is one of the seven demon brothers and represents the sin of greed. Mammon is known for his love of money and material possessions.

What is Mammon’s personality like?

Mammon is often portrayed as a tsundere character. He acts tough and tries to project an image of self-importance, but deep down he cares about his brothers and the protagonist. Mammon is easily swayed by flattery and can be prone to jealousy.

What are Mammon’s powers and abilities?

Mammon possesses the power of Greed, which allows him to manipulate and control wealth and material possessions. He can summon and create money at will and is known for his extravagant spending habits. In battle, Mammon wields a pair of daggers and is skilled in melee combat.

What is Mammon’s role in the story of the game?

Mammon plays an important role in the overall story of Obey Me! He is one of the demon brothers who reside in Devildom and attend RAD, a school for demons. Throughout the game, players will interact with Mammon and develop a relationship with him through various storylines and events.

What are Mammon’s likes and dislikes?

Mammon loves money and anything that symbolizes wealth and luxury. He enjoys shopping, collecting valuable items, and indulging in lavish experiences. On the other hand, Mammon dislikes being ignored or overshadowed by others, and he has a particular aversion to insects.

Can players get romantically involved with Mammon?

Yes, players will have the opportunity to develop a romantic relationship with Mammon in Obey Me! Throughout the game, players can choose dialog options and make decisions that affect their relationship with Mammon. By developing a strong bond with him, players can unlock special romantic moments and stories.