原語名 海斗
Romaji名 Kaito
ニックネーム カイくん
シリーズ 名探偵コナン (Detective Conan)
年齢 17歳
体重 62kg
身長 175cm
誕生日 6月21日
血液型 A型

Kaito (Ohedo Julia Night) – A mysterious and talented character

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Kaito, also known as Ohedo Julia-Night, is a character with a mysterious and enigmatic personality. While specific details about his personality are not explicitly mentioned, he is often portrayed as a kind and caring individual, akin to an “older brother” figure. He exhibits a sense of responsibility and tends to look out for those around him. Kaito’s exact demeanor and characteristics are open to interpretation, allowing viewers and fans to form their own perceptions of his character.


Unfortunately, the available sources do not provide much information about Kaito’s background. However, it is known that he plays a major role in various anime and manga series, such as “Ohedo Julia-Night” and “Ring no Seraph”. These appearances indicate that Kaito is an important and memorable character in these stories.


Kaito’s appearance is described as being of unknown age and height. In the Project SEKAI game, he is estimated to be about 175 cm tall. He is often depicted wearing a muffler or scarf, along with other casual clothing. Kaito’s design embodies a cool and collected aesthetic, which contributes to his mysterious persona.


Unfortunately, the available information does not provide specific details about Kaito’s abilities or powers. However, given his prominence in various series, it can be inferred that Kaito possesses unique skills or talents that make him a valuable character within the respective storylines. Further exploration of Kaito’s abilities may require additional research beyond the sources provided.


Kaito comes from the world of Vocaloid, a vocal synthesizer software. He is the second Japanese Vocaloid to be released, developed by Yamaha Corporation and distributed by Crypton Future Media. Kaito’s voice is provided by renowned Japanese singer Naoto Fūga. Over the years, Kaito has gained a significant following and has become a beloved character within the Vocaloid community.

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Kaito – FAQ

Who is Kaito in “Ohedo Julia Night”?

Kaito is one of the main characters in the anime series “Ohedo Julia-Night”. He is a talented chef and a member of the Julia Night organization, which aims to preserve traditional Japanese culinary arts.

What are Kaito’s special skills?

Kaito has exceptional culinary skills and is known for his ability to create innovative and delicious dishes. He has a deep understanding of traditional Japanese cooking techniques and ingredients, and often adds his own unique twists to create remarkable culinary masterpieces.

What is Kaito’s role in the Julia Night organization?

Kaito is a key member of the Julia Night organization. He serves as both a chef and a mentor to the younger members, sharing his knowledge and expertise in Japanese cuisine. Kaito also participates in various culinary competitions and events to showcase the culinary heritage of Japan.

How does Kaito contribute to the plot of “Ohedo Julia Night”?

Kaito’s character plays an important role in the story of Ohedo Julia Night. His culinary skills and dedication to preserving traditional Japanese cuisine inspire other characters and drive the story forward. Kaito’s journey includes personal growth, overcoming challenges, and establishing himself as a renowned chef.

Does Kaito have any rivals or opponents?

Yes, Kaito encounters various rivals and adversaries throughout the series. He competes against talented chefs from different backgrounds, each with their own unique cooking styles and philosophies. These encounters often result in intense culinary battles and add excitement to the storyline.

Are there any notable relationships or friendships involving Kaito?

Kaito forms close bonds and friendships with several characters in Ohedo Julia Night. He shares a strong friendship with the other members of the Julia Night organization as they work together to promote and preserve Japanese culinary traditions. Kaito also develops romantic relationships with certain characters, adding a touch of romance to the series.