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Omniscient Reader


Original Name ウリエル Romaji Name Urieru Nicknames Demon-like Judge of Fire Series Omniscient Reader Age Unknown Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Title Uriel – The demonic judge of fire from “The Omniscient Reader”. Personality Uriel, also known as the “Demon-like Judge of Fire”, is a prominent character in the […]

Joonghyuk Yoo

Original Name (Japanese): 유중혁 (劉忠赫) Romaji Name: Yoo Joonghyuk Nicknames: The Supreme King, Regressor Series: Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Age: 28 Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Date of Birth: Unknown Blood Type: Unknown Constellation Sponsor: The Most Ancient Dream Personality Yoo Joonghyuk is described as a cold and calculating individual, driven by a relentless determination to reach […]

Sooyoung Han

Original Name 한수영 Romaji Name Han Sooyoung Nicknames The First Apostle, The Fake King, Yuri di Aristel Series Omniscient Reader Age 26 (original), 29 (post timeskip) Weight N/A Height 158 cm (5’2″) Date of Birth April 1st (Aries) Blood Type N/A Sooyoung Han from “Omniscient Reader”: Exploring Her Personality, Background, Appearance, Abilities, and Origin Personality […]

Dokja Kim

Japanese Name 김독자 Romaji Name Kim Dokja Nicknames None Series Omniscient Reader Age 28 Weight N/A Height N/A Date of Birth N/A Blood Type N/A Personality Dokja Kim, the main protagonist of “Omniscient Reader”, is portrayed as a realist with a rational and level-headed personality. He does not lean too much toward good or evil, […]