Dokja Kim

Japanese Name 김독자
Romaji Name Kim Dokja
Nicknames None
Series Omniscient Reader
Age 28
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


Dokja Kim, the main protagonist of “Omniscient Reader”, is portrayed as a realist with a rational and level-headed personality. He does not lean too much toward good or evil, maintaining a balanced perspective. Dokja possesses a sharp wit and is known for effortlessly persuading others, using both his intelligence and a unique ability called “The Fourth Wall”. As a party leader, he is highly reliable and dependable, earning the trust and respect of his companions.


Dokja Kim is the only known reader to have completed the web novel “Three Ways to Survive an Apocalypse. His deep understanding of the world and events of the novel gives him a unique perspective and knowledge that others lack. As the story’s point of view, Dokja plays a crucial role in solving the mysteries and challenges that arise throughout the narrative.


While no specific details are given about Dokja’s appearance, his physical attributes are not the focus of his character. The story emphasizes his inner strength and intelligence rather than his physical appearance. However, there have been references to his appearance in fan discussions and online forums, with some describing him as “ugly”. It’s worth noting that this description is a plot point explored in the epilogue of the series.


Dokja possesses an exclusive ability known as “The Fourth Wall,” which allows him to interact with the narrative and influence events within the story. This ability gives him a significant advantage in understanding and manipulating the world around him. In addition, Dokja is a formidable party leader who displays exceptional leadership skills and strategic thinking. His rationality and resourcefulness make him a valuable asset in difficult situations.


Dokja Kim’s origin is primarily rooted in the web novel “Three Ways to Survive an Apocalypse,” which he is the only known reader to have completed. As the narrator of the story, his role is to navigate the complex world of the novel and uncover its secrets. While specific details of his background are not explored in detail, it is implied that Dokja’s journey begins as a regular reader who becomes entangled in the events of the novel, leading to his unique perspective and abilities.

Dokja Kim – FAQ

Who is Dokja Kim?

Dokja Kim is the protagonist of the web novel “Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint” written by Sing-Shong. He is a young man who works as an office clerk and spends most of his time reading web novels.

What is Dokja Kim’s special power?

Dokja Kim has the unique ability to see the “scenarios” of the web novels he reads come to life in the real world. He becomes the “reader” of these scenarios and is able to interact with the characters and events within them.

How does Dokja Kim’s ability affect his life?

Dokja Kim’s ability drastically changes his life as he becomes involved in the events of various web novels. He is often placed in life-or-death situations and must use his knowledge of the scenarios to survive and influence the outcomes.

What is the significance of Dokja Kim’s role as an “omniscient reader”?

As an omniscient reader, Dokja Kim is in a unique position of power and knowledge. He has information about the events and characters in the web novels, and this knowledge allows him to make informed decisions and change the course of the stories.

Does Dokja Kim have companions or allies?

Throughout his journey, Dokja Kim forms various alliances and friendships with other characters in the web novels. Some notable allies include Yoo Joonghyuk, a powerful protagonist from another novel, and Han Sooyoung, a fellow reader with similar abilities.

What are Dokja Kim’s motives?

Dokja Kim’s motivations evolve over the course of the story. At first, he tries to survive the dangerous scenarios and protect his own life. However, as he becomes more involved in the web novels, he develops a desire to save the characters and change their fates, ultimately aiming to create a better world.