Original Name バギー
Romaji Name Buggy
Nicknames The Star Clown
Series One Piece
Age 37 (debut); 39 (current)
Weight Not available
Height 192 cm (6′ 3½”)
Date of Birth August 8
Blood Type Not available

Buggy – The star clown from One Piece

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Buggy, also known as “The Star Clown”, is a character from the popular anime and manga series One Piece. He is known for his eccentric personality and comical demeanor. Buggy has a strong desire for power and is willing to go to great lengths to obtain it. He is cunning and manipulative, often using others to further his own goals. Despite his selfish tendencies, Buggy has a charismatic presence that attracts a loyal following.


Buggy’s background in One Piece is quite fascinating. He was once a member of the Roger Pirates, the legendary crew led by Gol D. Roger. This affiliation with one of the most notorious pirate crews in history gives Buggy a sense of notoriety and respect among both the pirates and the world government. After Roger’s execution, Buggy formed his own crew and became a captain in his own right.


Buggy has a distinctive appearance that reflects his nickname, “The Star Clown.” He has bright orange hair and a large, round red nose that resembles a clown. His outfit consists of a brightly colored, patched jumpsuit and oversized shoes. Buggy’s appearance, combined with his exaggerated expressions and antics, adds to his comedic value within the series.


One of Buggy’s most notable abilities in One Piece is his Devil Fruit power. He consumes the Bara Bara no Mi, also known as the Chop-Chop Fruit, which gives him the ability to separate his body into parts. This allows him to detach his limbs and control them independently, making him immune to most physical attacks. Buggy can also levitate his separated body parts, allowing him to fly through the air.
In addition to his Devil Fruit powers, Buggy is skilled in knife fighting. He often fights with three knives held between his fingers, demonstrating his skill in close combat. In addition, he has shown resourcefulness and cunning in battle, using his surroundings and crew members to gain an advantage.


Buggy’s origin story in One Piece goes back to his time as an apprentice on the Roger Pirates’ ship. During this time, he developed a strong ambition for power and treasure. After the Roger Pirates were disbanded, Buggy embarked on his own journey to become a notorious pirate captain. During his adventures, he meets the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, and becomes one of his recurring antagonists.
Buggy’s character in One Piece is a fascinating blend of comedy, cunning, and ambition. His distinctive appearance, unique abilities, and intriguing background make him a memorable and entertaining character in the series. Whether wreaking havoc or seeking his own fortune, Buggy continues to leave his mark on the world of One Piece.

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Buggy – FAQ

Who is Buggy in “One Piece”?

Buggy is a character in the manga and anime series “One Piece” created by Eiichiro Oda. He is a former member of the Roger Pirates and the captain of the Buggy Pirates.

What are Buggy’s abilities?

Buggy has the ability to split his body into separate parts by eating a devil fruit called the Bara Bara no Mi. This allows him to separate and control different parts of his body, making him immune to slashing attacks. However, he cannot separate his feet from the ground.

How does Buggy become a Sea Warlord?

Buggy becomes a Warlord of the Sea after the Battle of Marineford, where he unintentionally gains recognition for his involvement in the war. The World Government offers him a position as one of the Seven Warlords, which grants him certain privileges and protections.

What is Buggy’s relationship to Shanks?

Buggy and Shanks have a history. They were both members of the Roger Pirates and shared adventures during their time as a crew. However, after the death of their captain, Gol D. Roger, their paths diverged and they became rivals in the pirate world.

Does Buggy have a crew?

Yes, Buggy is the captain of the Buggy Pirates. His crew consists of various members who assist him in his pirate endeavors. Some notable members are Alvida, Mohji, Cabaji, and Richie.

What are Buggy’s goals in One Piece?

Buggy’s primary goal is to amass wealth and power. He seeks treasure and riches, often targeting locations rumored to contain great treasure. Though he initially aspires to become the pirate king, his ambitions are mostly self-centered, focusing on personal gain rather than achieving a greater purpose.