Japanese Name ペローナ
Romaji Name Perōna
Nicknames Ghost Princess
Series One Piece
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth June 7
Blood Type Unknown

Perona from “One Piece”: A Closer Look at the Ghost Princess

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Perona, also known as the “Ghost Princess”, is a character from the popular anime and manga series “One Piece”. She is depicted as a girl dressed in a gothic Lolita style and has a childish and immature personality. Perona often acts on her own whims and dislikes being told what to do or being disobeyed. She has a strong aversion to anything she does not consider cute, such as insects. Despite her somewhat bratty behavior, Perona shows a softer side and cares deeply for her loyal army of animal zombies.


Perona serves as a commander in Gecko Moria’s army on his island ship called Thriller Bark. She is also in charge of the Perona Wonder Garden, where her army of animal zombies resides. Prior to the collapse of Thriller Bark, Perona held the positions of commander of the Wild Zombies and the Surprise Zombies, making her one of the main antagonists of the Thriller Bark saga in the series.


Perona’s distinctive appearance is characterized by her Gothic Lolita fashion sense. She often wears frilly dresses, stockings, and accessories that reflect her unique style. Her hair is light pink and styled in braids, adding to her overall cute and ghostly aesthetic. Perona’s appearance, combined with her goth-inspired clothing, contributes to her nickname, “Ghost Princess.


Perona possesses a formidable Devil Fruit power known as Horo Horo no Mi, or the Ghost Ghost Fruit. This power allows her to create multiple ghostly apparitions that can pass through objects and people. When these spirits touch someone, they cause a sense of depression and emotional distress in the person. Perona’s power makes her a formidable opponent, capable of weakening her enemies by instilling negative emotions in them.


Perona is a character created by Eiichiro Oda, the author and artist of the “One Piece” manga series. She first appeared in chapter 443 of the manga, during the Thriller Bark arc. Perona’s role as one of the Mysterious Four and her association with Gecko Moria’s army adds depth and complexity to the storyline. Her unique abilities and distinctive personality make her a memorable and intriguing character in the One Piece universe.

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Perona – FAQ

Who is Perona in “One Piece”?

Perona is a character from the popular manga and anime series “One Piece”. She is a former member of the Thriller Bark Pirates and has the ability to create and control ghosts using her Devil Fruit power.

What is Perona’s Devil Fruit power?

Perona has eaten the Horo Horo no Mi Devil Fruit, which allows her to create spirits and manipulate negative emotions. She can make people feel depressed, anxious, and even unconscious with her ghostly abilities.

How is Perona’s personality reflected in her powers?

Perona’s personality is often reflected in her powers. She has a pessimistic and dark disposition, and her spirits have the ability to spread feelings of sadness and despair. She enjoys tormenting others and revels in their misery.

What is Perona’s role in the One Piece story?

Perona first appears as one of the antagonists in the Thriller Bark arc, where she serves under Gecko Moria, the captain of the Thriller Bark Pirates. After Moria’s defeat, she becomes a recurring character, eventually allying herself with the Straw Hat Pirates and assisting them in their adventures.

What are Perona’s distinguishing characteristics?

Perona is known for her unique Gothic Lolita fashion sense, wearing a frilly dress, a parasol, and skull-themed accessories. She also has a distinctive laugh, “Hororororororo,” which she often uses to taunt her opponents.

Does Perona have any other skills or abilities?

In addition to her Devil Fruit powers, Perona has proven herself to be skilled in combat, possessing a high level of agility and speed. She is also able to use a sword and has demonstrated her swordsmanship in battle.