Pudding Charlotte

Original Name プリン
Romaji Name Purin
Nicknames Charlotte Pudding
Series One Piece
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Pudding Charlotte from One Piece: A complex character with a sweet side

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Pudding Charlotte, also known as Charlotte Pudding, is a supporting character in the popular anime and manga series “One Piece”. Despite her initial appearance as a sweet and innocent girl, Pudding’s true personality is much more complex. She is shown to be manipulative and cunning, capable of creating a facade to deceive those around her. Pudding possesses a sharp wit and a talent for intrigue, making her a formidable adversary.


Pudding Charlotte is the 35th daughter of the infamous Charlotte family, led by Emperor Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom. She is a hybrid, born from the union of a human and a member of the Three-Eyed Tribe. Pudding’s unique heritage gives her the ability to see into the future through her third eye. She works as a chocolatier and owns the Caramel Café on Cacao Island.


Pudding has a striking appearance with her round, auburn eyes (blue in the manga) and prominent lips. She is of average height and is often seen wearing stylish and elegant clothes that reflect her refined tastes. Pudding’s physical beauty serves as a deceptive contrast to her complex personality.


One of Pudding’s most notable abilities is her skill as a chocolatier. She is highly skilled at creating delicious and visually appealing chocolates, which she displays in her cafe. In addition, Pudding has the ability to see glimpses of the future through her third eye, giving her an advantage in planning and strategizing.


Pudding’s involvement in the story begins when she is revealed to be Vinsmoke Sanji’s arranged fiancée. This arrangement is part of a political deal between their respective families. As the story progresses, Pudding’s true intentions and motivations are revealed, adding depth to her character and complicating her relationship with Sanji and the Straw Hat Pirates.

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Pudding Charlotte – FAQ

What is Pudding Charlotte’s role in “One Piece”?

Pudding Charlotte is a character in the popular manga and anime series “One Piece”. She is the 35th daughter of the Charlotte family and the Minister of Chocolate for the Big Mom Pirates. Pudding plays a major role in the Whole Cake Island arc.

What are Pudding Charlotte’s unique abilities?

Pudding has the ability to read other people’s memories by touching their heads with her third eye, which is hidden under her hair. This power, known as Memo Memo no Mi, allows her to manipulate and alter the memories of those she touches.

What is Pudding Charlotte’s personality like?

Pudding initially presents herself as sweet and innocent, but later reveals a more complex personality. She struggles with her own self-image due to her third eye and often feels insecure and unloved. Pudding can be cunning and manipulative when necessary, but also shows moments of vulnerability and kindness.

How does Pudding Charlotte relate to the main characters of “One Piece”?

Pudding becomes involved with the Straw Hat Pirates during the whole Cake Island arc. She plays a crucial role in their quest to rescue Sanji, one of the crew members who is forcibly engaged to her. Pudding’s actions and motivations have a significant impact on the outcome of the arc.

Does Pudding have any significant relationships with Charlotte?

Pudding has a complex relationship with her mother, Big Mom, and her siblings within the Charlotte family. Her engagement to Sanji adds another layer of complexity to her relationships. Throughout the story, Pudding forms an unexpected bond with some members of the Straw Hat Pirates, particularly Sanji.

What are some memorable moments involving Pudding Charlotte?

A memorable moment involving Pudding is the revelation of her true intentions during the wedding ceremony on Whole Cake Island. Her actions and emotional conflict contribute to a major turning point in the arc and have a lasting impact on the Straw Hat Pirates.