Robin Nico

Original Name ロビン・ニコ
Romaji Name Robin Nico
Nicknames Devil Child, Miss All Sunday
Series One Piece
Age 28; 30
Weight N/A
Height 188cm (6’2″)
Date of Birth February 6
Blood Type N/A

Robin Nico

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Robin Nico, also known as “Devil Child” and “Miss All Sunday”, is a fictional character from the popular manga and anime series “One Piece”. Robin is portrayed as a quiet, reserved, and intelligent individual with a mysterious aura. Initially perceived as cold and distant, she is revealed to be compassionate and caring towards her friends.
Robin’s personality is shaped by her troubled past and the hardships she has endured. Having faced betrayal and abandonment, she has developed a guarded nature and a tendency to keep her emotions in check. Despite her stoic demeanor, Robin possesses a dry and somewhat morbid sense of humor, often surprising her crewmates with her blunt observations.


Robin was born on February 6th and is an Aquarius. Her early life was marked by tragedy and isolation. As a child, she possessed the ability to decipher ancient poneglyphs, which attracted the attention of the world government. Fearing her potential to uncover dangerous secrets, the government branded her a criminal and pursued her relentlessly.
Robin’s affiliation with the secret organization Baroque Works further complicated her life. Working as an assassin under the code name “Miss All Sunday,” she conducted covert operations for Baroque Works’ leader, Crocodile. Eventually, however, she turned against the organization in search of her own path and redemption.
After meeting Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates, Robin’s life took a significant turn. Luffy rescued her from her former comrades and offered her a place in his crew. Accepting the offer, Robin joined the Straw Hat Pirates, finding solace in their acceptance and forming lasting bonds with her new companions.


Robin has a distinctive appearance, characterized by her tall stature and slender figure. She stands an impressive 6’2″ (188cm) and has a graceful presence. Robin has long black hair that frames her face, often styled with a signature lock that falls across her forehead.
Her wardrobe typically consists of a variety of fashionable and elegant outfits, reflecting her refined taste. Robin is known to wear stylish sunglasses, which add to her enigmatic personality. As a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, she wears their iconic Jolly Roger symbol on her clothing.


Robin’s unique abilities stem from her consumption of the Hana Hana no Mi, a paramecia-like devil fruit. This devil fruit gives her the power to sprout and control multiple replicas of her body parts, usually her arms, on any surface she can see. This ability, known as “Blossom,” allows her to perform complex maneuvers and engage in combat with great versatility.
In addition to her Devil Fruit powers, Robin is an accomplished archaeologist with extensive knowledge of history and ancient civilizations. Her expertise in deciphering poneglyphs, which contain valuable information about the history of the world, makes her a valuable asset in the quest to uncover the secrets of the One Piece world.
Robin’s intellect and analytical skills make her an invaluable strategist within the Straw Hat Pirates. She often maintains a calm and collected demeanor, allowing her to rationally assess situations and provide insightful guidance to her crewmates.


Robin Nico is a fictional character created by Eiichiro Oda for the manga series “One Piece”. The series, which began serialization in 1997, follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew as they search for the ultimate treasure, the One Piece, and navigate the treacherous Grand Line.
Robin’s character was introduced in the “Baroque Works” arc of the series, where she initially served as an antagonist. However, her complex backstory and eventual alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates endeared her to fans and made her a beloved and integral member of the crew.
Since her debut, Robin has played a major role in several arcs, showcasing her intellect, strength, and emotional growth. Her journey of redemption and her pursuit of the world’s secrets have made her a compelling character in the One Piece universe.

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Robin Nico – FAQ

Who is Robin Nico from “One Piece”?

Robin Nico, also known as Nico Robin, is a character in the anime and manga series “One Piece”. She is a former assassin and archaeologist who joined the Straw Hat Pirates as their archaeologist.

What is Robin Nico’s Devil Fruit ability?

Robin possesses the Hana Hana no Mi Devil Fruit, which allows her to sprout multiple limbs from any surface, including her own body. This power allows her to perform unique attacks and manipulate her surroundings.

What is Robin Nico’s role in the Straw Hat Pirates?

Robin serves as the Straw Hat Pirates’ archaeologist. Her vast knowledge of history and her ability to decipher ancient texts and artifacts make her an invaluable asset in their quest to find the legendary treasure known as One Piece.

What is Robin Nico’s backstory?

Robin’s past is one of tragedy and loneliness. As a child, she was branded a criminal for her ability to read the Poneglyphs, ancient stones that contain the lost history of the world. She spent years on the run and was eventually taken in by the criminal organization Baroque Works, where she became an assassin.

How does Robin Nico contribute to the Straw Hat Pirates?

Robin’s intelligence, knowledge, and analytical skills make her a valuable asset to the Straw Hat Pirates. She helps decipher the poneglyphs and uncover the secrets of the Void Century, a lost era of history. Her ability to read and interpret ancient texts often leads the crew to important discoveries and locations.

What is Robin Nico’s relationship to the other Straw Hat pirates?

Robin has formed strong bonds with the Straw Hat Pirates over the course of her journey with them. She is especially close to Nami and Franky, who have supported her and helped her overcome her past traumas. She also has a deep bond with Luffy, the captain of the crew, and trusts him with all her heart.