Original Name ジェノス
Romaji Name Genos
Nicknames Demon Cyborg
Series One Punch Man
Age 19
Weight Unknown
Height 178 cm (5’10”)
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Genos from One Punch Man: A Profile of the Demon Cyborg

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Genos, also known as “Demon Cyborg”, is a character from the popular anime and manga series “One Punch Man”. He is portrayed as an extremely serious and determined individual with a strong drive to become stronger and fight for justice. Genos is dedicated to his training and often pushes his mentor, Saitama, to help him improve his skills. Despite his serious demeanor, Genos is also shown to have a sense of loyalty and respect for his friends and allies.


Genos is a 19-year-old cyborg who serves as a student of Saitama, the main protagonist of “One Punch Man”. Before becoming a cyborg, Genos lived a normal life until a powerful cyborg destroyed his hometown and took everything from him. Determined to seek revenge and protect others, Genos underwent a transformation and became a powerful cyborg himself. He joined the Hero Association and is now a registered S-Class superhero, holding the rank of 14.


Genos has a distinctive appearance that reflects his cyborg nature. He has a mechanical body with pale skin, blonde eyebrows, black sclera, and piercing yellow eyes. His hair is blond and spiky. Genos usually wears black pants and black shoes, and sometimes black mechanical arms. During certain battles or missions, he adds block-shaped black mechanical arms and a small headgear.


As a cyborg, Genos possesses a number of impressive abilities. His cyborg body provides him with enhanced physical attributes, including speed, reflexes, endurance, and strength. Genos is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and has defeated countless monsters and malevolent organizations. He is also equipped with various built-in weapons and abilities such as flight, fire manipulation, electricity manipulation, energy projection, and self-destruction. Genos is constantly striving to improve his skills and become even more powerful.


Genos’ origin story begins with the tragic events that led to the destruction of his hometown. After losing everything, he sought revenge against the cyborg responsible for the destruction. Genos underwent a transformation and became a cyborg himself with the help of Dr. Kuseno, who provided him with his mechanical body and advanced weaponry. Since then, Genos has dedicated himself to fighting for justice and protecting others as a member of the Hero Association.
In One Punch Man, Genos’ character undergoes significant development as he learns from his mentor, Saitama, and strives to become stronger. He faces numerous challenges and battles alongside other heroes, demonstrating his determination and unwavering commitment to justice. Genos’ journey as a demon cyborg is an integral part of the series, adding depth and excitement to the story.

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Genos – FAQ

FAQ about Genos from One Punch Man

Who is Genos from “One Punch Man”?
Genos is a fictional character in the manga and anime series “One Punch Man”. He is a cyborg and a student of the protagonist, Saitama, who wants to become a powerful hero and avenge his family.
How did Genos become a cyborg?
Genos became a cyborg after his body was destroyed in a devastating attack by a powerful monster. Dr. Kuseno, a renowned scientist, rescued him and transformed him into a cybernetic being to enhance his fighting abilities.
What are Genos’ abilities and powers?
Genos has incredible strength, speed, and agility due to his cybernetic enhancements. He can fire powerful energy bolts from his arms, has enhanced sensory perception, and can analyze the fighting styles of his opponents to improve his combat strategies.
What role does Genos play in the Hero Association?
Genos is a registered Hero in the Hero Association, an organization that ranks and manages Heroes based on their abilities and achievements. He actively participates in missions and battles against various monsters and villains to protect civilians.
How does Genos feel about Saitama?
Genos greatly admires Saitama and considers him his mentor and role model. He recognizes Saitama’s incredible power and seeks to learn from him in order to become a stronger hero. Genos often looks to Saitama for guidance and advice.
Does Genos have any weaknesses?
While Genos is a formidable fighter, he does have weaknesses. His mechanical body can be damaged and requires regular maintenance and repairs. Genos can also be impulsive and overly focused on revenge, which can sometimes cloud his judgment.