Kaoru Orihara

Japanese Name 折原 薫
Romaji Name Kaoru Orihara
Nicknames Kaoru-no-kimi (Prince Kaoru)
Series Oniisama e…
Age (Not specified)
Weight (Not specified)
Height (Not specified)
Date of Birth (Not specified)
Blood Type (Not specified)


Kaoru Orihara, a character from the anime series “Oniisama e…”, has a multifaceted personality that captivates viewers. She is known as an androgynous beauty with a noble and generous heart. Kaoru cannot tolerate any form of injustice or abuse of power, making her a strong advocate for justice and fairness. She shows great leadership skills as class president and captain of the school basketball team. Kaoru’s intense vitality and love of life are evident, and she cares deeply for the well-being of her close friend Saint Just, often expressing concern over Rei’s neglect of her health. Despite her strong exterior, Kaoru harbors deep emotions tied to a significant relationship in her life.

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Kaoru Orihara’s background in “Oniisama e…” is shrouded in mystery. She is one year older than the main protagonist Nanako, but due to a mysterious illness she missed one year of school and is now in the same class as Nanako. The details of her illness are not known. However, her absence from school has not hindered her growth as a person. Kaoru’s experiences and struggles, which are gradually revealed throughout the series, contribute to her enigmatic and captivating presence.


Kaoru Orihara’s appearance is often described as androgynous and beautiful. With her distinctive features and stylish clothing, she stands out among her peers. She exudes an aura of elegance and charm, complemented by her brown hair. Her appearance, coupled with her captivating personality, makes her a memorable character in the series.


In addition to her striking appearance and strong personality, Kaoru Orihara possesses impressive athletic skills. She is the star of her school’s basketball team, demonstrating her talent and dedication to the sport. Her athletic prowess further highlights her leadership qualities and determination to excel in various aspects of her life.


Kaoru Orihara’s origin in “Oniisama e…” is deeply rooted in the story of the series. The character’s development and background are closely tied to the events and relationships within the story. As the series progresses, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of Kaoru’s origins and the impact they have on her current circumstances and relationships with other characters.


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Kaoru Orihara – FAQ

Who is Kaoru Orihara in “Oniisama e…”?

Kaoru Orihara is a character in the Japanese manga and anime series “Oniisama e…”. She is one of the main characters and plays an important role in the story.

What is Kaoru Orihara’s personality like?

Kaoru Orihara is portrayed as a kind and gentle person. She is often described as graceful and elegant, with a calm and serene demeanor. She is sensitive and cares deeply for her friends, often offering support and guidance.

What is Kaoru Orihara’s relationship to the other characters?

Kaoru Orihara has various relationships with the other characters in “Oniisama e…”. She is a close friend and confidante of the protagonist Nanako Misonoo. She is also admired by many other characters in the series, including the charismatic Rei “Saint Just” Asaka and the enigmatic student council president, Kaoru’s brother.

How does Kaoru Orihara contribute to the plot?

Kaoru Orihara’s presence in the story serves several purposes. She provides Nanako with emotional support and helps her overcome the challenges she faces. Kaoru also plays a pivotal role in uncovering the secrets and mysteries surrounding the characters, often acting as a catalyst for important plot developments.

Does Kaoru Orihara have any special talents or skills?

Kaoru Orihara is known for her talent on the piano. She is an accomplished pianist, and her musical skills are showcased at various points in the series. Her piano performances often evoke strong emotions and have a profound effect on those who listen to them.

How does Kaoru Orihara develop over the course of the series?

Kaoru Orihara undergoes significant character development throughout the series. Initially portrayed as a mysterious and elegant figure, her backstory and personal struggles are gradually revealed, shedding light on her motivations and inner turmoil. As the story progresses, Kaoru’s growth is portrayed through her deepening relationships, increased self-awareness, and willingness to confront her own demons.