Mariko Shinobu

Original Name 信夫 マリ子
Romaji Name Shinobu Mariko
Nicknames N/A
Series Oniisama e…
Age 16 years old
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


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A complex character from “Oniisama e…”


Mariko Shinobu, a character from the anime series “Oniisama e…”, has a complex and multifaceted personality. She is initially portrayed as a beautiful and charming girl who aspires to become a member of the prestigious sorority. Mariko is immediately drawn to her classmate Nanako and develops a strong attraction to her. However, her behavior toward others can sometimes be excessive, stemming from her deep-seated family problems.
Mariko’s intense jealousy of Nanako’s friendship with Tomoko leads her to undermine their relationship through lies and manipulation. However, Mariko also shows a passionate and protective side, fiercely defending Nanako on several occasions. Her conflicting emotions and actions are largely influenced by her parents’ troubled relationship, which has caused her to develop a deep distrust of men.


Mariko Shinobu is a 16-year-old freshman in high school in “Oniisama e…”. She is a former student of the junior high school attached to Seiran and a fellow member of the sorority. Mariko’s background is intertwined with her family issues, as her parents’ troubled relationship has deeply affected her outlook on life and relationships. These personal struggles contribute to her complex behavior and the challenges she faces in forming genuine connections with others.


Mariko Shinobu is portrayed as a stunningly beautiful girl in the series. Her physical attractiveness is one of her defining characteristics. With her graceful demeanor and captivating presence, Mariko easily attracts the attention and admiration of those around her. Her appearance perfectly complements her desire to be recognized as a member of the sorority and adds to her allure in the story.


While Mariko Shinobu does not possess any extraordinary supernatural abilities, her strengths lie in her persuasive nature and emotional intelligence. She has a knack for manipulating situations to her advantage, often using her charm and beauty to influence others. Mariko’s ability to navigate social dynamics and form alliances, albeit sometimes through questionable means, demonstrates her resourcefulness and strategic thinking.

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Mariko Shinobu comes from the anime and manga series “Oniisama e…” written by Riyoko Ikeda. The series follows the life of Nanako Misonoo, a young girl who attends Seiran Academy, an elite school for girls. Mariko plays a significant role in Nanako’s journey, serving as both a friend and a source of conflict. Her character development throughout the series explores themes of friendship, jealousy, and personal growth.

Mariko Shinobu – FAQ

Who is Mariko Shinobu in “Oniisama e…”?

Mariko Shinobu is a fictional character from the Japanese manga and anime series “Oniisama e…”. (To My Brother…). She is one of the main characters and plays an important role in the story.

What is Mariko Shinobu’s personality like?

Mariko Shinobu is portrayed as a reserved, elegant, and cultured young woman. She is often seen as the epitome of grace and poise, maintaining a calm and collected demeanor in most situations.

What is Mariko’s relationship to the other characters in the series?

Mariko Shinobu has a complex relationship with the other characters in “Oniisama e…”. She is particularly close to the protagonist, Nanako Misonoo, and is portrayed as both a mentor and a confidante to her. Mariko also has a complicated history with the main antagonist of the series, Kaoru Orihara.

What is Mariko Shinobu’s role in the story?

Mariko Shinobu plays a crucial role in the story of “Oniisama e…”. She acts as a guiding figure for Nanako Misonoo, offering advice and support as Nanako navigates the complexities of her school and personal life. Mariko’s actions often have a significant impact on the overall plot.

Does Mariko Shinobu have any special talents or skills?

Mariko Shinobu is portrayed as a highly talented pianist in “Oniisama e…”. Her musical skills are shown throughout the series, and she is admired for her skill and passion for playing the piano.

Does Mariko Shinobu face any challenges or conflicts in the story?

Despite her calm exterior, Mariko Shinobu faces her own challenges and conflicts in “Oniisama e…”. She must confront her past and navigate complex relationships with other characters, often leading to emotional turmoil and personal growth.