Ma Ri Baek

Original Name: 백 마리
Romaji Name: Baek Ma Ri
Nicknames: “Ice Princess”
Series: Orange Marmalade
Age: 18
Weight: N/A
Height: 163 cm / 5’3″ feet
Date of Birth: November 15
Blood Type: N/A


Ma Ri Baek is initially portrayed as a quiet and reserved individual, earning her the nickname “Ice Princess” due to her tendency to reject romantic advances without hesitation. However, as the story progresses, she begins to open up and become more emotionally expressive. She is shown to have a caring nature and the ability to form meaningful friendships, despite her past experiences of being shunned for her true nature as a vampire.


In the past, Ma Ri Baek had friends, but when her identity as a vampire was revealed, they began to fear and distance themselves from her, making her feel like a monster. This traumatic experience probably contributed to her initial withdrawn personality and reluctance to trust others.

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Ma Ri Baek is described as an attractive vampire girl with violet hair and purple eyes. She is often seen at school wearing a white t-shirt, a gold-trimmed vest, and a skirt with ankle-high socks.


Ma Ri Baek possesses the typical abilities of a vampire, such as increased strength and speed. She is also shown to have a talent for playing acoustic guitar and singing.


Ma Ri Baek is the main female protagonist of the webtoon “Orange Marmalade”. As a vampire, she faces the challenges of attending a normal school and maintaining her secret identity while trying to make meaningful connections with her peers.

Ma Ri Baek – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Ma Ri Baek from “Orange Marmalade”:

Who is Ma Ri Baek?

Ma Ri Baek is one of the main characters of the Korean webtoon and drama series “Orange Marmalade”. She is a high school student who is a vampire and struggles to hide her true nature from the human students around her.

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What is Ma Ri Baek’s role in the story?

Ma Ri Baek is the female protagonist in “Orange Marmalade”. She is torn between her vampire nature and her desire to live a normal human life. Much of the story revolves around Ma Ri’s relationships with the other characters and her efforts to control her vampire powers.

What are Ma Ri Baek’s powers as a vampire?

As a vampire, Ma Ri Baek has superhuman strength, speed, and agility. She also has the ability to control her thirst for blood and can put others under her influence. However, she is vulnerable to sunlight and must be careful not to reveal her true nature to the humans around her.

How does Ma Ri Baek’s character develop over the course of the story?

Over the course of “Orange Marmalade,” Ma Ri Baek undergoes a significant character development. She begins as a shy and reserved girl who is afraid of her vampire nature, but gradually becomes more confident and comfortable with who she is. Her relationships with other characters, especially the human Ja Yeon, also play a key role in her personal growth.

What is the relationship between Ma Ri Baek and Ja Yeon?

Ja Yeon is a human high school student who befriends Ma Ri Baek. Despite the social stigma against vampires, Ja Yeon sees past Ma Ri’s vampire nature and accepts her for who she is. Their friendship blossoms into a deep and meaningful relationship that is central to the overall plot of “Orange Marmalade”.

How does Ma Ri Baek’s story end?

Without spoiling the ending, Ma Ri Baek’s story arc in “Orange Marmalade” culminates in a poignant and emotionally resonant conclusion. Her journey of self-discovery and struggle to find her place in the world is a central theme of the series, and the resolution of her story is both satisfying and thought-provoking.