Yoon-Ho Baek

Original Name (Japanese): 백윤호
Romaji Name: Baek Yoon-Ho
Nicknames: Taiga Shirakawa
Series: Ore dake Level Up na Ken (Solo Leveling)
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Yoon-Ho Baek is described as friendly and cunning, but he is actually an emotional and introverted person. He is most sincere and honest in the middle of the night. Yoon-Ho is very interested in Jin-Woo and develops a friendly atmosphere with him.


Yoon-Ho Baek is a Korean S-rank hunter who specializes in transformation magic. He is the guild master of the White Tiger Guild. Yoon-Ho first met Jin-Woo during the Red Gate incident, which resulted in the death of some of the White Tiger Guild’s forces, including A-rank Kim-Chul. After this incident, Yoon-Ho became interested in Jin-Woo and was the first to theorize that Jin-Woo had the ability to increase his strength the more he fought.

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When Yoon-Ho transforms, he becomes a humanoid white tiger with long white hair and sharp claws and fangs. His physique becomes more muscular and aggressive, making him significantly stronger than his normal state.


Yoon-Ho’s main ability is transformation, which allows him to turn into a powerful white tiger-like creature. He also possesses the “Eyes of the Beast” trait, which allows him to see and judge the strength of a person, magical beast, or gate.


Yoon-Ho Baek is a character from the manhwa “Ore dake Level Up na Ken” (Solo Leveling), a Korean fantasy series. He plays a supporting role in the story and is one of the key members of the Jeju Island Raid Party.

Yoon-Ho Baek – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Yoon-Ho Baek from “Ore dake Level Up na Ken”:

Who is Yoon-Ho Baek?

Yoon-Ho Baek is the main protagonist of the light novel and anime series “Ore dake Level Up na Ken”. He is a high school student who discovers that he has the unique ability to level up his stats and skills by completing quests, much like in a video game.

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What are Yoon-Ho Baek’s main character traits?

Yoon-Ho is portrayed as a kindhearted, intelligent, and hardworking individual. Despite his newfound powers, he remains grounded and tries to use his abilities to help others. He is also shown to be highly competitive and driven to improve himself.

What are Yoon-Ho’s main abilities and stats?

Through the leveling system, Yoon-Ho is able to increase his physical strength, intelligence, dexterity, and other attributes. He also gains access to a variety of skills and abilities, such as enhanced senses, the ability to create and manipulate energy, and even the power to summon legendary creatures.

How does Yoon-Ho’s leveling system work?

Yoon-Ho’s leveling system is tied to a mysterious system where he can complete various quests and challenges to earn experience points. As he levels up, he can spend points to improve his stats and unlock new abilities. The higher his level, the more powerful he becomes.

What is Yoon-Ho’s role in the overall story?

As the protagonist, Yoon-Ho is at the center of the action. He uses his growing powers to navigate a world filled with supernatural elements, political intrigue, and powerful individuals. His journey includes uncovering the secrets behind the leveling system and potentially using his abilities to help shape the future.

How does Yoon-Ho interact with the other main characters?

Yoon-Ho forms close bonds with several supporting characters, including his childhood friend Hana, a mysterious girl named Shizuka, and a powerful swordsman named Haruki. These relationships are an integral part of the story, as Yoon-Ho relies on his friends and allies to help him overcome the challenges he faces.