Takeo Gouda

Original Name 剛田 猛男
Romaji Name Takeo Gouda
Nicknames None
Series Ore Monogatari!!
Age 15-16
Weight Approx. 120 kg (264 lbs)
Height Approx. 200 cm (6’7″)
Date of Birth January 1
Blood Type Unknown


Takeo Gouda, the protagonist of “Ore Monogatari!!”, is known for his remarkable personality. Despite his imposing appearance, standing at an impressive height of about 200 cm and weighing about 120 kg, Takeo possesses a gentle and kind-hearted nature. He is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need without a second thought. Takeo’s selflessness and strong sense of justice are evident throughout the story, making him a beloved character among fans.


Takeo Gouda is a freshman at Shuei High School. He comes from a loving family, his parents are Yutaka Gouda and Yuriko Gouda, and he has a younger brother named Maki Gouda. Despite his towering presence, Takeo’s upbringing has instilled in him the values of kindness, compassion, and the importance of helping others.


Takeo’s physical appearance is one of his defining characteristics. He has an imposing stature, and his tall, muscular frame often intimidates those around him. However, beneath his formidable exterior lies a warm and caring heart. Takeo’s features, though intimidating at first, become endearing as his personality shines through.


While Takeo’s most notable attribute is his physical strength, which stems from his tall and muscular physique, his abilities extend beyond the realm of physicality. He possesses a genuine kindness that allows him to empathize with others and offer unwavering support. Takeo’s selflessness and willingness to put others before himself make him an exceptional friend and confidant.


Takeo Gouda originates from the anime and manga series “Ore Monogatari!!” created by Kazune Kawahara. The series follows Takeo’s journey as he navigates high school life, friendship, and romance. Takeo’s character development throughout the series shows his growth from being misunderstood because of his appearance to being appreciated for his genuine personality and the strength of his heart.
In Ore Monogatari!!, Takeo’s interactions with the female lead, Rinko Yamato, form the central romantic storyline. Their relationship explores themes of acceptance, true beauty, and the importance of seeing beyond appearances.
Takeo’s character resonates with audiences because of his relatability and the underlying message that true beauty lies in the content of one’s character rather than in physical appearance. His journey inspires viewers to embrace their individuality and value the qualities that make them unique.

Takeo Gouda – FAQ

Who is Takeo Gouda?

Takeo Gouda is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series “Ore Monogatari!!” (My Love Story!!). He is a high school student known for his tall and muscular appearance, which often intimidates others. Despite his intimidating appearance, Takeo has a kind and gentle heart.

What are Takeo Gouda’s personality traits?

Takeo Gouda is known for his selflessness, kindness, and loyalty. He always puts others before himself and goes out of his way to help people in need. He is also incredibly humble and doesn’t seek recognition for his actions. Despite his tough exterior, Takeo is sensitive and easily moved to tears.

What is Takeo Gouda’s relationship with Rinko Yamato?

Takeo Gouda’s relationship with Rinko Yamato is a central focus of “Ore Monogatari! Rinko is Takeo’s love interest and eventually becomes his girlfriend. Their relationship is characterized by mutual admiration, trust and support. Rinko is drawn to Takeo’s kind nature and sees beyond his intimidating exterior.

How does Takeo deal with challenges?

Takeo Gouda faces challenges with determination and a positive attitude. He is not easily discouraged and always tries his best to overcome obstacles. Takeo’s physical strength often comes in handy when facing physical challenges, but he also relies on his emotional intelligence and empathy to navigate difficult situations.

What are Takeo Gouda’s hobbies and interests?

Takeo Gouda has a passion for baking and is known for his exceptional culinary skills. He loves to make sweets and often shares them with his friends and loved ones. Takeo is also a fan of action movies and has a love for animals, especially small and cute creatures.

How does Takeo Gouda’s appearance affect his relationships?

Takeo Gouda’s intimidating appearance initially makes it difficult for him to form romantic relationships. Many people are intimidated by his stature and assume he is aggressive or aloof. However, once people get to know him, they realize his kind and gentle nature, which ultimately forms the basis of his deep and meaningful relationships.