Erina Shindou

Original Name: 神堂 慧理那
Romaji Name: Shindou Erina
Nicknames: Tail Yellow
Series: Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu.
Age: 16
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Erina Shindou is the student council president of Yougetsu Private Academy. She is described as a closet masochist and exhibitionist who becomes aroused when the main character, Souji, calls her name. Unlike the other twin-tailed warriors, Erina’s transformation makes her appear older and better endowed.


Erina is a 16-year-old student at the Yougetsu Private Academy. She is the president of the school’s student council.

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Erina has long, blonde twin tails and bright cyan eyes. In her transformed state as Tail Yellow, her appearance becomes more mature and voluptuous compared to the other Twin Tail Warriors.


As Tail Yellow, Erina’s weapon of choice is the Vortex Blaster. She uses this lightning-based weapon to fight the enemies.


Erina Shindou is a character from the anime and manga series “Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu”. She is one of the main heroines who transforms into a Twintail Warrior to defend against the alien invasion.

Erina Shindou – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Erina Shindou from “Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu”:

Who is Erina Shindou?

Erina Shindou is the female protagonist of the anime/light novel series “Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu”. She is a high school student who has a strong fascination with twintails, a hairstyle in which the hair is tied into two long pigtails or ponytails. Erina is tasked with fighting the alien forces that threaten her town, transforming into the superhero “Tail Red” when necessary.

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What are Erina’s powers and abilities?

As Tail Red, Erina possesses superhuman strength, speed, and agility. She can also manipulate the power of “twintails” to create energy blasts and other attacks. Erina’s transformation into Tail Red is triggered by her love for Twintails, which is the source of her powers.

What is Erina’s background?

Erina is a pretty normal high school student who loves everything about Twintails. She lives with her father and has a best friend named Aika. Erina is shown to be intelligent, athletic, and determined, qualities that serve her well in her role as Tail Red.

What is Erina’s relationship to the other main characters?

Erina has a close friendship with Aika, who supports her as Tail Red. She also develops a complicated relationship with Souji Mitsuka, a fellow student who transforms into the hero Tail Blue and is initially her rival. Over time, Erina and Souji come to respect and care for each other.

How does Erina feel about being Tail Red?

Erina is initially reluctant to accept her role as Tail Red, unsure of her abilities and responsibilities. However, as the story progresses, Erina takes pride in her heroic duties and becomes more confident in her powers. She is driven by a desire to protect her city and the people she cares about.

How does Erina’s character develop over the course of the series?

Erina undergoes significant character development over the course of “Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. She begins as a somewhat shy and insecure girl, but gradually becomes more assertive, brave, and confident. Her love for Twintails also deepens, becoming a central part of her identity and the source of her heroic abilities.