Mitsukuni Haninozuka

Original Name 埴之塚 光邦
Romaji Name Mitsukuni Haninozuka
Nicknames Honey-senpai
Series Ouran Koukou Host Club
Age 17
Weight Not specified
Height 145 cm (4’9″)
Date of Birth February 29
Blood Type AB


Mitsukuni Haninozuka, also known as Honey-senpai, is a character from the popular anime and manga series “Ouran Koukou Host Club”. Despite his childlike appearance, Honey-senpai is a high school senior with a cake-loving and cheerful personality. He often comes across as dumb, but is actually highly intelligent and clever. Honey-senpai has a unique charm that captivates customers with his “shotacon” cuteness.


Honey-senpai comes from a wealthy family and attends Ouran High School. He is a junior and belongs to class A. His father is the owner of a famous dojo and trained him in martial arts. As a result, Honey-senpai is exceptionally skilled in combat, capable of sending people flying with a single kick. It is worth noting that the Japanese Minister of Defense has advised him not to reveal his full power in order to avoid misunderstandings about Japan’s possession of a weapon of mass destruction.


One of Honey-senpai’s most distinctive features is his diminutive stature. Standing only 145 cm (4’9″) tall, he appears much younger than his actual age of 17. Honey-senpai has a youthful and innocent appearance, often mistaken for an elementary school student. He is often seen carrying a stuffed bunny called “Bun-bun” or “Usa-chan” that his beloved grandmother made for him. Despite his small size, Honey-senpai’s charming appearance and cheerful demeanor make him popular with the students at Ouran High School.


While Honey-senpai may appear delicate and adorable, he possesses exceptional fighting skills. He is an expert in the martial arts, thanks to his extensive training under his father’s tutelage. Honey-senpai’s physical strength and agility allow him to take down opponents with ease. He is known for his powerful kicks, which can send even the strongest opponent flying. In addition, Honey-senpai’s fighting skills are so well known that the Japanese Minister of Defense has warned him not to reveal his full potential.


Honey-senpai’s character originated in the anime and manga series “Ouran Koukou Host Club”. Created by Bisco Hatori, the series follows the story of a prestigious high school’s Host Club, where Honey-senpai is one of the main characters. His lively and sweet personality, coupled with his remarkable fighting skills, contribute to the comedic and entertaining elements of the series. Honey-senpai’s popularity among fans has made him a beloved character in the anime and manga world.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka – FAQ

Who is Mitsukuni Haninozuka?

Mitsukuni Haninozuka, also known as Honey-senpai, is a character from the manga and anime series “Ouran Koukou Host Club”. He is a third year student at Ouran High School and a member of the Host Club.

What is Honey-senpai’s personality like?

Honey-senpai is known for his childlike appearance and playful personality. Despite his small stature, he is a martial arts expert and can be quite formidable in battle. He has a sweet tooth and is often seen eating cake or other sweets. Honey-senpai is also fond of cute things and carries around a stuffed rabbit named Usa-chan.

What is Honey-senpai’s role in the Host Club?

Honey-senpai is one of the “little devil” hosts in the Host Club. He is responsible for providing a cute and innocent charm to attract the female customers of the club. His small size and adorable demeanor make him popular with the customers.

Does Honey-senpai have any special talents?

Yes, Honey-senpai is an accomplished martial artist. Despite his youthful appearance, he is a black belt in several martial arts disciplines. He often demonstrates his skills at club events and competitions.

What is the relationship between Honey-senpai and Takashi Morinozuka?

Honey-senpai and Takashi Morinozuka, also known as Mori-senpai, are cousins and close friends. Mori-senpai is very protective of Honey-senpai and acts as his bodyguard. They often spend time together and support each other both in and out of the host club.

Are there any special episodes or storylines that focus on Honey-senpai?

Yes, there are several episodes in the anime and chapters in the manga that focus on Honey-senpai. Some of them explore his background, his relationship with Mori-senpai, and his love for sweets. These episodes and chapters provide more insight into his character and add depth to his role in the series.