Takashi Morinozuka

Japanese Name 銛之塚 崇
Romaji Name Takashi Morinozuka
Nicknames Mori
Series Ouran Koukou Host Club
Age 18
Weight Undisclosed
Height 192 cm (6’4″)
Date of Birth May 5
Blood Type Undisclosed


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The Silent Guardian of the Ouran Koukou Host Club


Takashi Morinozuka, often referred to as Mori, is a character from the popular anime and manga series “Ouran Koukou Host Club”. He has a stoic and calm demeanor, earning him the nickname “Mori-sempai”. Despite his quiet nature, Mori is well respected among his peers and is known for his unwavering loyalty and protective instincts. He is especially devoted to his close friend and fellow Host Club member, Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka.
Mori’s reserved personality contrasts with his occasional moments of unexpected chatter and flirtatious behavior, especially when he is tired. He is highly disciplined and skilled in martial arts, with a particular affinity for Kendo and Karate. Mori’s strength and quiet presence make him the epitome of the “strong but silent” type.


Takashi Morinozuka is a junior at Ouran High School. He comes from the prestigious Morinozuka family, which has a long history of serving and protecting the Haninozuka family. However, due to a marriage between the two families two generations ago, the servant-master tradition was broken. Despite this, Mori remains dedicated to his duty of protecting Honey and tending to his needs.


Mori is a tall and imposing figure, standing at an impressive height of 192 cm (6’4″). His physical presence, combined with his serious expression and penetrating gaze, often commands attention. His dark blue hair is neatly styled, and his eyes are a deep blue, adding to his enigmatic aura. Mori’s clothing usually consists of the standard Ouran High School uniform, which he wears with a sense of elegance and grace.


Mori is an exceptional martial artist, excelling in disciplines such as Kendo and Karate. His training and natural talent make him a formidable fighter, capable of effectively defending himself and others. Mori’s physical strength and agility are remarkable, allowing him to overpower opponents with ease. His presence alone is enough to deter potential threats, earning him a reputation as a silent but powerful protector.

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Takashi Morinozuka’s character originates from the manga series “Ouran Koukou Host Club”, created by Bisco Hatori. The series follows the story of a group of high school students who form a host club to provide entertainment and companionship to their female classmates. Mori serves as a central character within the club, demonstrating unwavering loyalty and devotion to his friends and fulfilling his role as a strong and silent guardian.
Throughout the series, Mori’s character development explores his relationships with his fellow club members, especially his close bond with Honey. His background as a member of the Morinozuka family and his commitment to protecting others add depth to his character and make him an integral part of the plot.

Takashi Morinozuka – FAQ

Who is Takashi Morinozuka?

Takashi Morinozuka, also known as Mori-senpai, is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Ouran High School Host Club”. He is a third year student at Ouran Academy and one of the six members of the school’s Host Club.

What is Mori-senpai’s role in the Host Club?

Mori-senpai is the “wild type” host in the Ouran High School Host Club. He is known for his large and intimidating appearance, but despite his stoic and silent nature, he is a gentle and caring individual. He provides a sense of security and protection to the female customers of the club.

What are Mori-senpai’s distinguishing characteristics?

Mori-senpai is easily recognizable by his tall stature, muscular build, and short black hair. He often wears the Ouran Academy male uniform, which consists of a black blazer, white shirt, black tie, and gray pants. He is rarely seen without his cousin and best friend, Honey-senpai, who is considerably shorter than him.

What is Mori-senpai’s personality like?

Mori-senpai is generally quiet and reserved, speaking only when necessary. He is incredibly observant and perceptive, often noticing things that others miss. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is kindhearted and protective, especially of his friends and loved ones. He is also fiercely loyal and would go to great lengths to ensure their safety and happiness.

What are Mori-senpai’s hobbies and interests?

Mori-senpai’s main interests revolve around the martial arts. He is an exceptionally skilled and disciplined martial artist, specializing in Kendo and Judo. He can often be seen practicing and training in the school’s dojo. In addition to his martial arts prowess, he has a fondness for traditional Japanese culture and tea ceremonies.

Does Mori-senpai have a romantic interest?

Although Mori-senpai is a popular character among fans, he does not have a specific romantic interest within the series. He shares a close bond with Honey-senpai, and their relationship is often portrayed as one of deep friendship and loyalty. However, Mori-senpai’s romantic life is not extensively explored in the story.