Umehito Nekozawa

Japanese Name 猫澤梅人
Romaji Name Umehito Nekozawa
Nicknames Nekozawa
Series Ouran Koukou Host Club
Age 17
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Umehito Nekozawa, commonly known as “Nekozawa”, is a character from the anime and manga series “Ouran Koukou Host Club”. Despite his intimidating appearance and strange hobbies, Nekozawa is actually a kind and considerate person. He is depicted as a hooded figure who is always accompanied by Beelzenef, a cursed doll that resembles a cat. Nekozawa suffers from photophobia, a sensitivity to light that causes him to collapse when exposed to direct sunlight. As a result, he often refers to those who drag him toward light sources as “murderers. Nekozawa is deeply devoted to his younger sister, Kirimi, and strives to become the “princely big brother” she envisions.

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Nekozawa is a member of the Tokarev dynasty of Russian descent, known for their wealth from the sale of firearms. He is portrayed as a mysterious character with a dark and brooding aura. Despite his family’s wealth, Nekozawa chooses to keep a low profile and is often seen lurking in the shadows. He is the president of the Black Magic Club at Ouran Academy, where he indulges his fascination with the occult and practices various supernatural rituals.


Nekozawa is often depicted wearing a hooded cloak that hides his face, adding to his enigmatic presence. He is always accompanied by Beelzenef, a cat-like hand puppet that he manipulates to communicate. Nekozawa’s choice of clothing and the constant presence of Beelzenef contribute to his eerie and unsettling appearance, which often makes others feel uncomfortable in his presence.


While Nekozawa’s abilities center on his knowledge of the occult and his ability to perform dark rituals, he does not possess any supernatural powers himself. Instead, he relies on his knowledge of black magic and his ability to create talismans and curses. Nekozawa’s main talent lies in his ability to manipulate Beelzenef, the cursed puppet he uses to communicate and interact with others.


Nekozawa’s character originates from the manga series “Ouran Koukou Host Club” created by Bisco Hatori. The series follows the story of Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student who stumbles upon the Host Club and becomes entangled in its world of romance and comedy. Nekozawa serves as a supporting character in the series, adding a touch of mystery and occult elements to the overall narrative.

Umehito Nekozawa – FAQ

Who is Umehito Nekozawa?

Umehito Nekozawa is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Ouran Koukou Host Club”. He is a member of the Black Magic Club and is known for his dark and mysterious appearance.

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What is Umehito Nekozawa’s role in “Ouran Koukou Host Club”?

Umehito Nekozawa is a recurring character in Ouran Koukou Host Club. He is often portrayed as a minor antagonist and is known for his obsession with darkness and his black cat doll, Beelzenef.

Why does Umehito Nekozawa always carry a black cat doll with him?

Umehito Nekozawa carries a black cat doll named Beelzenef as a form of protection. He believes that Beelzenef can ward off evil spirits and bring him good luck. It also serves as a representation of his dark and mysterious personality.

What are Umehito Nekozawa’s personality traits?

Umehito Nekozawa is portrayed as a dark and introverted character. He is often seen as socially awkward and has a tendency to speak in an eerie manner. Despite his dark appearance, he has a kind heart and cares deeply for his younger sister, Kirimi.

Does Umehito Nekozawa have any special skills?

Umehito Nekozawa is not portrayed as having any supernatural or extraordinary abilities. However, he is skilled in the use of dark magic and is the president of the Black Magic Club at Ouran High School.

What is the relationship between Umehito Nekozawa and Kirimi Nekozawa?

Umehito Nekozawa is the older brother of Kirimi Nekozawa. He is shown to be very protective of her and often worries about her well-being. Despite their contrasting personalities, they share a close sibling bond.