Nobuaki Kanazawa

Original Name (Japanese): 金沢 伸明
Romaji Name: Kanazawa Nobuaki
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Ousama Game The Animation
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Nobuaki Kanazawa is described as someone who always tries to help others, and was the first to try to end the deadly “Ousama Game” that his class was forced to play. He is determined to avenge his friends who were killed during the game and is willing to participate in more “Ousama Games” to catch the person responsible.


Nobuaki is the only survivor of the first “Ousama Game” his class was forced to play. After the events of the first game, he later ends up participating in more “Ousama Games” to avenge his friends and catch the person who created the deadly game.

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Nobuaki has a youthful appearance with short dark hair. He wears the typical school uniform of the Kure Academy, where the events of the “Ousama Game” take place.


Nobuaki does not possess any extraordinary abilities, but he is driven by a strong sense of justice and a determination to stop the “Ousama Game” and the person behind it.


Nobuaki Kanazawa shares the same name as the author of the “Ousama Game” light novel series, Nobuaki Kanazawa. However, the character of Nobuaki Kanazawa within the “Ousama Game” story is a separate entity from the author.

Nobuaki Kanazawa – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Nobuaki Kanazawa from “Ousama Game The Animation”:

Who is Nobuaki Kanazawa?

Nobuaki Kanazawa is one of the main characters of the anime series “Ousama Game The Animation”. He is a high school student who gets involved in the deadly “Ousama Game” with his classmates.

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What is Nobuaki’s role in the Ousama Game?

Nobuaki is initially reluctant to participate in the Ousama Game, but eventually takes on a leadership role among the surviving students. He tries to find ways to outwit the mysterious “King” who controls the deadly game.

What are Nobuaki’s main personality traits?

Nobuaki is portrayed as intelligent, pragmatic, and resourceful. He tries to remain calm under pressure and comes up with strategies to help his classmates survive the Ousama Game. However, he also struggles with feelings of guilt and doubt as the game takes an increasingly dark turn.

How does Nobuaki’s character develop throughout the series?

Throughout Ousama, Nobuaki is forced to make difficult moral choices that test his values and beliefs. As the stakes get higher, he becomes more willing to take extreme measures to protect himself and his classmates, leading to internal conflict and character growth.

What is Nobuaki’s relationship to the other main characters?

Nobuaki forms close bonds with several of his classmates, especially Noize and Sakuragi, as they work together to survive the Ousama Game. However, the game also strains these relationships as suspicion and mistrust begin to grow among the surviving students.

Will Nobuaki survive the Ousama Game?

The fate of Nobuaki Kanazawa at the end of the “Ousama Game The Animation” series is left ambiguous, with the viewer unsure whether or not he will ultimately survive the deadly game. His final actions and decisions are crucial to the overall outcome of the story.