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Ousama Ranking


Original Name ヒリング Romaji Name Hiringu Nicknames N/A Series Ousama Ranking Age N/A Weight N/A Height N/A Date of Birth N/A Blood Type N/A Hiling from “Ousama Ranking Personality Hiling, a character from the anime and manga series “Ousama Ranking,” has a unique personality that reflects her role in the story. As the second wife […]


Japanese Name カゲ Romaji Name Kage Nicknames Kage the Shadow Series Ousama Ranking Age (Age information not available) Weight (Weight information not available) Height (Height information not available) Date of Birth (Date of Birth information not available) Blood Type (Blood Type information not available) Kage from “Ousama Ranking”: A loyal friend and protector Personality Kage, […]


Original Name ボッジ Romaji Name Bojji Nicknames None Series Ousama Ranking Age Unknown Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Bojji – The protagonist of “Ousama Ranking Personality Bojji, the main protagonist of the “Ousama Ranking” anime and manga series, is a character with a remarkable personality. Despite being dismissed as […]