Krul Tepes

Original Name クルル・ツェペシ
Romaji Name Krul Tepes
Nicknames Vampire Queen
Series Owari no Seraph
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height 145 cm (4’9″)
Date of Birth October 27
Blood Type AB


Krul Tepes, a prominent character in the anime series “Owari no Seraph” (also known as “Seraph of the End”), possesses a complex and intriguing personality. As the third progenitor among vampires and the Vampire Queen of Japan, Krul exudes an air of authority and power. She is known for her cunning and manipulative nature, often using others to further her own interests.
Despite her seemingly cold and ruthless demeanor, Krul shows moments of kindness and affection, especially towards Mikaela Hyakuya, whom she turned into a vampire. She develops a close bond with him and shows concern for his well-being, even extending her care to his adopted brother, Yuichiro Hyakuya. Krul’s motivations and true goals are often shrouded in mystery, and few, including Mikaela, are privy to her secrets.


Little is known of Krul Tepes’ background prior to her emergence as a powerful vampire queen. She holds the esteemed title of Third Progenitor among the vampires, indicating her status and authority within the vampire hierarchy. It is revealed that she played a pivotal role in the transformation of Mikaela Hyakuya into a vampire, an act that significantly affected the course of the series. The exact circumstances of her rise to power and her involvement in vampire affairs remain largely undisclosed.


Krul Tepes has a distinctive and captivating appearance that befits her status as a vampire queen. Standing at a diminutive height of 145 cm (4’9″), she defies expectations with her formidable presence and commanding aura. Krul’s appearance is defined by her long, flowing silver hair and piercing crimson eyes that exude an air of mystery and allure. She often wears elegant and regal attire, emphasizing her position of authority and power.


As a vampire, Krul Tepes possesses a number of extraordinary abilities that set her apart from humans and even other vampires. She possesses immortality, eternal youth, and rapid physical regeneration, allowing her to withstand injuries that would be fatal to ordinary beings. Krul’s strength exceeds that of humans, making her formidable in battle. Her prowess as the third progenitor among vampires gives her the power to easily defeat and control other vampires.


Krul Tepes is from the anime series “Owari no Seraph”, adapted from the manga of the same name by Takaya Kagami. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has fallen under the control of vampires. Krul plays a significant role in the narrative, serving as an enigmatic and influential character who manipulates events and shapes the fate of the protagonists. Her origins and the details of her existence within the series are intricately woven into the overarching storyline, adding depth and intrigue to her character.
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Krul Tepes – FAQ

Who is Krul Tepes in “Owari no Seraph”?

Krul Tepes is a main character in the anime and manga series “Owari no Seraph” (Seraph of the End). She is a powerful vampire and the third progenitor, which makes her one of the oldest and most powerful vampires in existence.

What are Krul Tepes’ abilities and powers?

Krul Tepes possesses the superhuman strength, speed, and regenerative powers typical of vampires in the series. She also has the power to manipulate blood and use it as a weapon. She can also turn humans into vampires by feeding them her blood.

What is the role of Krul Tepes in the story?

Krul Tepes plays an important role in the story as one of the main antagonists. She is the queen of the Japanese vampire faction and is known for her cunning and manipulative nature. Krul is involved in a power struggle with other vampire nobles and the human resistance, adding complexity to the plot.

What is the relationship between Krul Tepes and the main character, Yuichiro Hyakuya?

Krul Tepes initially captures Yuichiro and his friends, who are members of the human resistance. However, she develops a complex relationship with Yuichiro over the course of the series. While their interactions are often tense and filled with conflicting interests, Krul develops a strange fondness for Yuichiro and helps him in his quest.

Does Krul Tepes have any weaknesses?

Like other vampires in the series, Krul Tepes is vulnerable to sunlight, which can severely weaken or kill her. She is also susceptible to attacks with certain anti-vampire weapons, such as the Demon Army’s cursed equipment. However, her status as a Third Progenitor makes her much more resilient than lower-ranked vampires.

What is Krul Tepes’ personality like?

Krul Tepes is portrayed as a cunning and manipulative character. She is intelligent and often acts out of self-interest to maintain her power and influence. However, she also shows a softer side, especially in her interactions with Yuichiro, showing moments of kindness and compassion beneath her cold exterior.