Gilbert Nightray

Japanese Name: ギルバート=ナイトレイ
Romaji Name: Gilbert Nightray
Nicknames: Gil, Raven, Seaweed Head
Series: Pandora Hearts
Age: 24
Weight: N/A
Height: 182 cm
Date of Birth: February 5
Blood Type: B



A closer look at the enigmatic character from “Pandora Hearts


Gilbert Nightray, also known as Raven, is a complex character in the Pandora Hearts anime and manga series. He has a multifaceted personality that evolves throughout the story. At first glance, Gilbert appears reserved and stoic, often maintaining a serious demeanor. He is fiercely loyal to his best friend, Oz Vessalius, whom he considers his most precious possession. Gilbert’s unwavering devotion to Oz leads him to make sacrifices and put his life on the line to protect him.
Beneath his calm exterior, however, Gilbert harbors deep insecurities and self-doubt. He often struggles with his past and the choices he has made, adding layers to his character development. Despite his internal conflicts, Gilbert displays moments of warmth, kindness, and even a touch of playfulness, especially when interacting with those close to him. His character development is marked by personal growth and the gradual shedding of his emotional barriers.


Gilbert’s background is closely tied to the events of Pandora’s Heart. He was discovered in an injured state and taken in by the Vessalius family 15 years before the main story. He has been Oz’s loyal servant and confidant ever since. Gilbert’s loyalty stems from a deep bond of friendship and a sense of indebtedness to Oz for his kindness. However, his past becomes more complicated when he is adopted by the Nightray family, who were suspects in the murder of Oz’s mother.
This adoption strains Gilbert’s relationship with Oz, as he feels conflicted about his loyalties and a sense of betrayal. Over time, Gilbert uncovers hidden truths about his origins and the circumstances of his past. These revelations shape his character arc and lead him to confront his own identity.


Gilbert Nightray has a striking appearance that reflects his enigmatic nature. He is a tall and solidly built young man who appears to be in his early to mid-twenties. With golden almond-shaped eyes and thin lashes, Gilbert’s gaze has both depth and intensity. His hair is uniquely styled to resemble seaweed, earning him the nickname “Seaweed Head”.
In terms of attire, Gilbert often wears a distinctive black outfit adorned with intricate details that show his affiliation with the Pandora organization. His appearance is a blend of elegance and mystery that perfectly captures the aura of his character.


Gilbert displays remarkable skills and abilities throughout the series. He undergoes rigorous training in marksmanship, honing his shooting skills to protect Oz and combat various threats. In addition, Gilbert possesses a chain called the Raven, which grants him certain powers. He uses the chain’s abilities to control the B-Rabbit chain through Oz, preventing its side effects.
Beyond his physical prowess, Gilbert’s true strength lies in his unwavering loyalty and determination. He is willing to go to great lengths and make personal sacrifices to protect those he cares about, demonstrating his indomitable spirit in the face of adversity.


Gilbert Nightray’s origin is deeply intertwined with the intricate plot of Pandora’s Heart. Born into a mysterious and troubled past, Gilbert’s journey takes him through various realms and dimensions. His connections to powerful organizations such as Pandora and the Nightray family further complicate his origin story.
As the series progresses, Gilbert’s true nature is gradually revealed, shedding light on his past and the events that shaped his present circumstances. The exploration of his origins adds depth and complexity to his character, making him an integral part of the overarching narrative.

Gilbert Nightray – FAQ

Who is Gilbert Nightray from “Pandora Hearts”?

Gilbert Nightray is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series “Pandora Hearts” created by Jun Mochizuki. He serves as a valet to the protagonist, Oz Vessalius, and is initially portrayed as a loyal and obedient servant.

What is Gilbert’s role in the story?

Gilbert plays an important role in the story of Pandora’s Heart. He is not only Oz’s servant, but also his best friend and confidant. As the story progresses, Gilbert’s past and true identity are revealed, revealing his connection to the Abyss, a mysterious dimension, and his involvement with the Nightray family.

What are Gilbert’s characteristics and personality traits?

Gilbert is initially portrayed as serious, reserved, and selfless. He is deeply dedicated to his duties as a servant and fiercely loyal to Oz. However, as the series progresses, it becomes clear that Gilbert carries a burden of guilt and has a complex inner struggle. He is shown to be caring, protective and willing to make sacrifices for those he cares about.

Does Gilbert have any special abilities or powers?

Yes, Gilbert has special abilities in “Pandora’s Heart”. He is a Chain Contractor, which means he has a contract with a powerful being from the Abyss called the Raven (also known as Raven the Raven). This contract gives him increased strength, agility, and the ability to summon Raven to aid him in battle.

What is the relationship between Gilbert and Oz Vessalius?

Gilbert’s relationship with Oz is central to the story of Pandora’s Heart. They share a deep bond, with Gilbert serving as Oz’s protector and closest companion. Their relationship evolves from a master-servant dynamic to a true friendship built on trust, loyalty, and mutual support.

Does Gilbert undergo character development throughout the series?

Yes, Gilbert undergoes significant character development in Pandora Hearts. As the story progresses and his past is revealed, Gilbert confronts his own insecurities, guilt, and conflicting loyalties. He learns to accept himself and grows emotionally, becomes more assertive, and finds his own path separate from his servitude to Oz.

Are there any romantic relationships in which Gilbert is involved?

Yes, there are romantic implications involving Gilbert in “Pandora’s Heart”. He develops feelings for another character named Alice, who is also connected to the Abyss. Their relationship goes through various challenges and complexities throughout the series, adding a layer of emotional depth to Gilbert’s character.