Miwako Sakurada

Original Name 櫻田 実和子
Romaji Name Sakurada Miwako
Nicknames None
Series Paradise Kiss
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height 5’0″ (152 cm)
Date of Birth October 18
Blood Type Not specified


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A vibrant character from Paradise Kiss


Miwako Sakurada, a main character in the anime and manga series Paradise Kiss, is known for her bright and bubbly personality. She has a childlike charm that endears her to those around her. Miwako is sweet and cute, often acting in an innocent and playful manner. She is full of energy and enthusiasm, exuding a positive and optimistic aura. Despite her youthful nature, Miwako has a deep sense of loyalty and compassion for her friends and loved ones.


Miwako Sakurada comes from a creative family. She is the younger sister of Mikako Kouda, the creator of the Happy Berry brand and the protagonist of Gokinjo Monogatari. Miwako comes from Yazagaku, where she is a student. Along with her close friend George, she works diligently to establish their own fashion brand called Paradise Kiss. Miwako’s involvement in the fashion industry reflects her passion for artistic expression and her desire to channel her creativity into something tangible.


Miwako Sakurada has a distinctive appearance that matches her vibrant personality. She is depicted with long, pink hair that she styles in a variety of ways, including twin tails. Her large, expressive blue eyes add to her youthful and captivating appearance. Standing at a petite 5’0″, Miwako exudes a sense of cuteness and charm through her appearance. Her fashion choices often reflect her playful and girlish nature, showcasing her unique sense of style.


While Miwako’s primary focus is the fashion industry, her skills extend beyond her creative endeavors. She demonstrates a strong work ethic and dedication when it comes to running Paradise Kiss alongside George. Miwako’s attention to detail and ability to connect with others play a significant role in the success of her brand. In addition, her compassionate nature allows her to provide emotional support to her friends, making her a valuable and reliable ally.

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Miwako Sakurada’s character comes from the Paradise Kiss series created by renowned manga artist Ai Yazawa. The series follows the lives of a group of students involved in the fashion industry and explores their journeys of self-discovery and pursuit of their dreams. Miwako’s character development shows the complexities of youth, love, and the pursuit of personal and artistic fulfillment. Her role in the story adds depth and a touch of innocence to the narrative, making her a beloved character among fans.

Miwako Sakurada – FAQ

Who is Miwako Sakurada?

Miwako Sakurada is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Paradise Kiss”. She is one of the main characters and a member of the fashion design group known as Paradise Kiss.

What is Miwako’s role in Paradise Kiss?

Miwako serves as an adorable and fashionable model for the group. Her charming and innocent personality, as well as her unique sense of style, make her a popular choice for showcasing the group’s designs.

What is Miwako’s relationship to the other characters?

Miwako is the younger cousin of the main character, Yukari “Caroline” Hayasaka. She is also the girlfriend of Arashi Nagase, another member of Paradise Kiss. Miwako shares a close bond with the rest of the group and considers them her second family.

What are Miwako’s special characteristics?

Miwako is known for her kawaii (cute) appearance and fashion sense. She often wears colorful and frilly outfits to show off her sweet and girly style. She also has a distinctive hairstyle, with two short braids adorned with ribbons.

What challenges does Miwako face throughout the series?

Despite her cheerful attitude, Miwako faces several challenges throughout the series. She struggles with her own insecurities and self-image, especially in the competitive world of fashion. She is also torn between her love for Arashi and her growing feelings for another character, Hiroyuki Tokumori.

Does Miwako have any notable character development?

Yes, Miwako undergoes significant character development throughout the series. As the story progresses, she matures emotionally and gains more confidence in herself and her abilities. She learns to navigate her complicated love life and make important decisions about her future.

What impact does Miwako have on the overall story?

Miwako’s character brings a sense of innocence, charm, and vulnerability to the story. Her relationships and personal growth add to the emotional depth of the series. In addition, her fashion choices and modeling skills play a crucial role in showcasing the designs created by Paradise Kiss.