Ren Amamiya

Original Name 雨宮 蓮
Romaji Name Amamiya Ren
Nicknames Joker, Akira Kurusu
Series Persona 5 the Animation: The Day Breakers
Age Unknown, 1999- early 2000
Weight N/A
Height 175 cm (5’9″)
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Ren Amamiya of Persona 5 The Animation: The Day Breakers


Ren Amamiya, also known as Joker or Akira Kurusu, is the main protagonist of “Persona 5 the Animation: The Day Breakers. He has a calm and collected demeanor, often displaying a reserved and quiet nature. Ren is a strategic thinker who carefully analyzes situations before taking action. Despite his seemingly indifferent attitude, he has a strong sense of justice and is willing to stand up against injustice.


Ren Amamiya’s background is explored in both the video game and anime adaptations of Persona 5. He begins as a transfer student at Shujin Academy and quickly becomes involved in a series of events involving the Metaverse, a parallel reality where people’s distorted desires manifest. Ren is falsely accused of assault and placed on probation, which leads him to discover his ability to enter the Metaverse as the leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.


Ren Amamiya is depicted as a tall young man with a slender to athletic build. He has a pale complexion and unkempt, wavy black hair that falls over his eyes. Ren’s eyes are keen and observant, reflecting his keen perception. He is often seen wearing his Shujin Academy uniform, which consists of a black blazer, white shirt, black pants, and a red tie.


Ren possesses the power of Persona, which allows him to summon various mythical creatures to aid him in battle. His first Persona is Arsène, a manifestation of his rebellious spirit. As the story progresses, Ren gains access to more powerful Personas, including his ultimate Persona, Satanael. Ren is skilled in both melee combat and firearms, often wielding knives or short swords in addition to handguns.


Ren Amamiya’s journey as the protagonist of “Persona 5: The Day Breakers is rooted in the video game Persona 5. Developed by Atlus, the game was released in 2016 and quickly gained popularity for its compelling story, unique gameplay mechanics, and memorable characters. The success of the game led to the adaptation of “Persona 5” into an anime series, with “Persona 5 the Animation: The Day Breakers” serves as a special episode that delves into Ren’s early adventures as the leader of the Phantom Thieves.
Ren Amamiya’s character development and growth over the course of “Persona 5 the Animation: The Day Breakers shows his determination to change society and his unwavering belief in the power of friendship. As the leader of the Phantom Thieves, Ren navigates the metaverse, battling various enemies and stealing the twisted desires of corrupt individuals. His journey is one of self-discovery and redemption as he fights against the societal injustices that plague his world.


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Ren Amamiya – FAQ

Who is Ren Amamiya in “Persona 5 The Animation: The Day Breakers”?

Ren Amamiya is the main character of Persona 5 the Animation: The Day Breakers. He is a high school student who is falsely accused of assault and transferred to Shujin Academy in Tokyo. Ren possesses the power of Persona and becomes the leader of the Phantom Thieves, a group of vigilante thieves who aim to reform corrupt individuals by stealing their “hearts” in a supernatural dimension known as the Metaverse.

What are Ren Amamiya’s main characteristics and personality traits?

Ren Amamiya is known for his calm and collected demeanor. He is a strategic thinker with excellent problem solving skills. Ren is also compassionate and cares deeply about justice, which motivates him to join the Phantom Thieves. Despite his troubled past, he maintains a sense of justice and shows unwavering determination in his quest to reform society.

What is Ren Amamiya’s role in the Phantom Thieves?

Ren Amamiya is the leader of the Phantom Thieves. He guides the group in their missions, making critical decisions and strategizing their plans to infiltrate the Metaverse and steal the twisted desires of corrupt individuals. Ren’s leadership skills and ability to summon multiple personas make him a vital asset to the team.

What is Ren Amamiya’s persona?

Ren Amamiya’s first Persona is named Arsene, a powerful and iconic character in the Persona series. As the story progresses, Ren gains the ability to summon and control multiple Personas, each with unique strengths and abilities. These Personas represent different aspects of his personality and grant him various powers to fight enemies and navigate the metaverse.

How does Ren Amamiya’s story unfold in “Persona 5 The Animation: The Day Breakers”?

In Persona 5 The Animation: The Day Breakers,” Ren Amamiya’s story follows the events of the original Persona 5 game. He is falsely accused of a crime and sent to Tokyo to attend the Shujin Academy. As he becomes entangled in the metaverse, Ren forms the Phantom Thieves and embarks on a journey to change the hearts of corrupt individuals while uncovering the truth behind their actions.

What are some of Ren Amamiya’s most memorable moments or achievements in Persona 5: The Day Breakers”?

Ren Amamiya’s notable achievements in Persona 5 the Animation: The Day Breakers” include successfully changing the hearts of several corrupt individuals, including Kamoshida, Madarame, and Kaneshiro. He also forms strong bonds with his friends and fellow Phantom Thieves, who support him throughout his journey. In addition, Ren’s strategic thinking and leadership skills are crucial to the group’s success in their missions.