Hinata Hiramitsu

Original Name (Japanese): 平光 ひなた
Romaji Name: Hiramitsu Hinata
Nicknames: Cure Sparkle
Series: Healin’ Good♥Pretty Cure
Age: 13
Weight: 45 kg
Height: 155 cm
Date of Birth: September 8
Blood Type: A


Hinata Hiramitsu is a bright and energetic second year middle school student who is very friendly. She is rather blunt and always says what is on her mind, relevant or not. Hinata isn’t good at studying, but is very apologetic, always apologizing when she realizes she did something wrong. She absolutely loves fashion and cosmetics, though her fondness for them means she’s not very good at judging them fairly.


Hinata lives in Sukoyaka, where her family runs a veterinary clinic and a juice bar. She is one of the four main healers in Healin’ Good♥Pretty Cure and transforms into Cure Sparkle, the Pretty Cure of Light.

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Hinata has medium-length, soft brown hair that is worn in curly twin tails bound by braided hair segments. She has eyes of the same color.


With the power of Nyatoran, Hinata can transform into her alter ego, Cure Sparkle.


Hinata Hiramitsu is a character from the Precure Miracle Leap movie: Minna to no Fushigi na Ichinichi, which is part of the Healin’ Good♥Pretty Cure anime series.

Hinata Hiramitsu – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Hinata Hiramitsu from “Precure Miracle Leap Movie: Minna to no Fushigi na Ichinichi”:

Who is Hinata Hiramitsu?

Hinata Hiramitsu is one of the main characters of “Precure Miracle Leap Movie: Minna to no Fushigi na Ichinichi”. She is a young girl who has the ability to see and interact with fairies. Hinata is described as kind, curious, and always willing to help others.

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What is Hinata’s role in the movie?

In the movie, Hinata plays a crucial role in helping the Precure team when a mysterious event causes all the fairies in the world to disappear. Hinata’s ability to see and communicate with fairies becomes essential as the Precure team tries to discover the cause of the fairies’ disappearance and find a way to restore them.

What are Hinata’s special abilities?

Hinata has the unique ability to see and interact with fairies, which sets her apart from most other characters in the Precure universe. She can hear the voices of fairies, understand their language, and even help them in their time of need. This ability proves to be a valuable asset throughout the events of the movie.

How does Hinata’s character develop throughout the movie?

At the beginning of the movie, Hinata is a bit shy and unsure of her abilities. However, as the story progresses, she grows more confident and becomes an integral part of the Precure team’s efforts to solve the mystery of the missing fairies. Hinata’s kindness, bravery, and determination are gradually revealed as she works to help her new friends.

What is Hinata’s relationship to the Precure team?

Hinata initially meets the Precure team by chance and is surprised to learn that they can also see and interact with fairies. Over the course of the movie, Hinata develops a close bond with the Precure team, who come to rely on her unique abilities and welcome her as a valued member of their group.

Does Hinata have a significant character arc or development?

Yes, Hinata goes through a significant character arc throughout the movie. She starts out as a shy and insecure girl, but as the story progresses, she becomes more confident in her abilities and her role in helping the Precure team. Hinata also learns to believe in herself and her power to make a difference, culminating in a pivotal moment where she plays a crucial role in resolving the crisis.