Rinne Ibara

Original Name (Japanese): 荊 りんね
Romaji Name: Ibara Rinne
Nicknames: Messenger from the Prism World
Series: Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live
Age: 15
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Rinne Ibara is a mysterious and amnesiac 15-year-old girl. She is described as having a cheerful and happy demeanor, often smiling contentedly while drinking hot milk. Rinne is a kind and caring individual who forms close bonds with the other main characters in the series.


It is later revealed that Rinne is actually a messenger from the Prism World who lost most of her memories after an accident that transported her to the human world. Despite her amnesia, Rinne retains some of her abilities from the Prism World, such as the ability to make several Prism Jumps in a row.

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Rinne has blue hair and a star-themed fashion style, with her main color being rainbow. She carries a white Prism Live guitar with a star on the end of the handle.


Rinne is exceptionally skilled at Prism Shows and can perform up to 6 consecutive Prism Jumps, a feat that the other characters cannot accomplish. She also has a unique Prism Live instrument – a white guitar.


Rinne is revealed to be a messenger from the Prism World who somehow ended up in the human world due to an accident. She gradually regains her memories and understanding of her role through her interactions with the other characters and the life lessons she learns throughout the series.

Rinne Ibara – FAQ

Here are 6 FAQs about Rinne Ibara from “Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live”:

Who is Rinne Ibara?

Rinne Ibara is one of the main characters in the anime series “Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live”. She is a second year middle school student and a talented Prism Star performer. Rinne has long, wavy purple hair and purple eyes. She is known for her graceful and elegant Prism Shows.

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What is Rinne’s prism jump?

Rinne’s signature prism move is the “Prism Permanent”. In this move, she jumps high into the air and performs multiple spins and aerials before landing gracefully. The Prism Permanent showcases Rinne’s flexibility, balance and artistry as a Prism Star.

What is Rinne’s relationship to the other main characters?

Rinne has close friendships with the other Prism Stars, especially Naru Ayase and Ito Suzuno. Although she can be a bit aloof at times, Rinne cares deeply for her friends and supports them in their Prism Show travels. She has a rivalry with Ito that pushes both of them to become stronger performers.

What is Rinne’s background?

Rinne comes from a wealthy family and was raised to be a proper young lady. However, she discovered her passion for Prism Shows at a young age. Rinne’s mother initially disapproved of her Prism Star aspirations, but eventually came to support Rinne’s dreams.

How does Rinne’s performance style differ from the other Prism Stars?

Compared to the more energetic and dynamic styles of performers like Naru and Ito, Rinne’s Prism shows are characterized by grace, elegance, and technical precision. She often incorporates ballet-inspired movements and graceful spins into her routines. Rinne’s performances captivate audiences with their refined and artistic qualities.

What is Rinne’s role in the overall story of “Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live”?

As one of the top Prism Stars, Rinne plays an important role in the competitive Prism Show world depicted in the series. She serves as a rival and inspiration to the other characters, pushing them to improve their own skills and performances. Rinne’s journey also explores themes of friendship, personal growth, and finding one’s true passion.