Takeru Fujiwara

Japanese Name 藤原 尊
Romaji Name Fujiwara Takeru
Nicknames None
Series Prince of Stride: Alternative
Age First year student at Honan Academy
Weight 61 kg
Height 176 cm
Date of Birth January 4
Blood Type A type


Takeru Fujiwara: The Dedicated Runner of “Prince of Stride: Alternative”

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Takeru Fujiwara, a character from the anime series “Prince of Stride: Alternative, is known for his cool and stoic demeanor. He exudes a sense of seriousness and determination, especially when it comes to his passion for Stride, a popular sport in the series. Takeru has little interest in anything other than playing Stride and is often seen concentrating on improving his skills. He has excellent cardiovascular fitness and running speed, making him a valuable asset to his team. Despite his reserved nature, Takeru has a keen eye for talent and can assess someone’s ability by observing their legs.


Takeru is a freshman at Honan Academy and a member of the Stride Club. Before joining the club, he was already a renowned Stride player in the Under-15 category during his middle school years. The reason for Takeru’s fixation on Riku, another main character in the series, remains unknown. As the series progresses, more of Takeru’s background and motivations are revealed, adding depth to his character.


Takeru Fujiwara is depicted as a young male character with black hair and sober eyes. He usually wears glasses, but switches to contact lenses during Stride training. Standing at a height of 176 cm and weighing 61 kg, Takeru has a lean and athletic physique. His appearance reflects his disciplined and focused personality.


Takeru’s primary position in the Stride Club is as a runner, specifically as an anchor, which means he is the last runner in the relay. His exceptional cardiovascular fitness and running speed allow him to excel in this role. Takeru’s dedication to training and his ability to make accurate judgments during races contribute to his team’s success. However, his parkour skills are average.


Takeru Fujiwara is from the anime series “Prince of Stride: Alternative”. The series is set in a world where stride, a high-intensity relay race that combines elements of parkour, is a popular sport. Takeru’s character plays a central role in the story as a member of the Stride Club at Honan Academy. The series follows Takeru and his teammates as they strive to overcome challenges and compete against rival schools in exhilarating Stride races.
Takeru Fujiwara’s character in Prince of Stride: Alternative” is characterized by his unwavering dedication to the sport of Stride and his calm and focused demeanor. With his exceptional running skills and passion for the game, Takeru serves as an essential member of his team, contributing to their success in races. As the series progresses, viewers will learn more about Takeru’s background and motivations, adding to the intrigue surrounding his character.

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Takeru Fujiwara – FAQ

Who is Takeru Fujiwara?

Takeru Fujiwara is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Prince of Stride: Alternative”. He is a talented high school student and a member of the Honan Academy Stride Club.

What is Takeru’s role in the Honan Academy Stride Club?

Takeru is the captain and stride ace of the Honan Academy Stride Club. He is known for his exceptional speed, agility, and strategic thinking, making him a vital member of the team.

What are Takeru’s special characteristics?

Takeru is often described as serious, stoic, and focused. He is very dedicated to improving his own skills and the overall performance of the Honan Academy Stride Club. Takeru is also known for his incredible running speed and precise stride techniques.

What is Takeru’s relationship to the other characters?

Takeru has a complex relationship with his childhood friend and teammate, Riku Yagami. They have a strong bond, but also face conflicts and disagreements due to their different perspectives and approaches to Stride. Takeru also develops relationships with other members of the Stride Club and forms friendships and rivalries with rival teams.

What are Takeru’s motivations and goals?

Takeru’s main motivation is to revive the Honan Academy Stride Club, which has struggled due to past failures. He wants to lead the team to victory and prove the club’s worth. Takeru also strives to push his own limits and become the best Stride athlete he can be.

Does Takeru have any weaknesses or challenges?

While Takeru is an exceptional Stride athlete, he has his share of weaknesses and challenges. He can be overly serious and focused to the point of neglecting his own well-being. Takeru also struggles with trust and opening up to others, which can create barriers in his relationships.

Is Takeru undergoing character development?

Yes, Takeru undergoes significant character development throughout the series. He learns to trust and rely on his teammates, which allows him to grow as an individual and as a leader. Takeru also confronts his own weaknesses and learns the importance of teamwork and friendship.