Ahiru Arima

Japanese Name 有馬 あひる
Romaji Name Arima Ahiru
Nicknames Duck, Princess Tutu
Series Princess Tutu
Age Varies throughout the series
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Ahiru Arima – The beloved duck of “Princess Tutu

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Ahiru Arima, also known as Duck, is the lovable protagonist of the anime series “Princess Tutu”. She possesses a friendly and kind-hearted nature that endears her to both the characters within the series and the viewers. Although she was originally a duck, Ahiru’s transformation into a human girl gives her the ability to express her emotions and connect with others on a deeper level.


Ahiru’s backstory is closely tied to the magical elements of the series. She is given a special magical pendant that allows her to transform into her alter ego, Princess Tutu. This transformation is not only physical, but also affects her role and purpose within the story. Ahiru’s desire to see Myuuto, the prince of the story, smile is what sets her journey in motion.


In her human form, Ahiru Arima is depicted as a cheerful and clumsy girl. She has short orange hair and expressive blue eyes that reflect her lively personality. Ahiru’s appearance as Princess Tutu, on the other hand, shows a more elegant and graceful demeanor. Her transformation into a ballerina-like character embodies the magical and fantastical elements of the series.


Ahiru possesses several remarkable abilities throughout the series. As Princess Tutu, she can ballet and dance with extraordinary skill and grace. Her movements are not only visually captivating, but also have the power to restore the missing pieces of the Prince’s heart. Ahiru’s dedication to her mission and her unwavering love for the Prince drive her to overcome numerous challenges and obstacles.


Ahiru’s origins are revealed in the story of “Princess Tutu”. She begins as a duck who is transformed into a human girl through the intervention of the enigmatic character Drosselmeyer. The pendant she receives from Drosselmeyer becomes the catalyst for her transformation into Princess Tutu. This enchanting origin story sets the stage for Ahiru’s journey as she navigates the realms of love, self-discovery, and the power of storytelling.

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Ahiru Arima – FAQ

Who is Ahiru Arima?

Ahiru Arima is the main character of the anime series “Princess Tutu”. She is a young duck who magically transforms into a human girl and becomes Princess Tutu, a ballet dancer with the power to restore a broken prince’s heart.

What are Ahiru’s characteristics as a duck?

As a duck, Ahiru is small, yellow, with a beak and webbed feet. She is clumsy and tends to quack rather than talk. Despite her limitations, Ahiru is determined and has a kind and selfless nature.

How does Ahiru become Princess Tutu?

Ahiru can transform into Princess Tutu by saying the words, “Princess Tutu, Ahiru Transform!” She will take on a human appearance and wear a ballet tutu. In this form, she can perform ballet dances that have the power to heal emotional wounds.

What is Ahiru’s role as Princess Tutu?

As Princess Tutu, Ahiru’s job is to collect the scattered pieces of the heart of a prince named Mytho. She must find these fragments and return them to Mytho to restore his emotions and save him from a tragic fate. Ahiru’s ballet performances help her in this quest.

Does Ahiru have allies or friends?

Yes, Ahiru has several allies and friends throughout the series. One of her closest friends is Rue, who is also a ballet dancer and has a complex relationship with Mytho. Fakir, a young man with a mysterious past, becomes another important ally for Ahiru on her journey. She also forms relationships with other characters as the story progresses.

Can Ahiru communicate with humans when in her duck form?

No, Ahiru cannot communicate with humans in her duck form. She can only communicate with other animals and ducks through quacks and gestures. However, when she transforms into Princess Tutu, she gains the ability to speak and understand human language.