Original Name (Japanese): 猫先生
Romaji Name: Neko-sensei
Nicknames: Mr. Cat
Series: Princess Tutu
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Neko-sensei is an eccentric and quirky ballet teacher at the school the main characters attend. He has a strange obsession with marriage and often threatens his students, especially Ahiru, that they will have to marry him if they make mistakes in class. Despite his unconventional behavior, he takes his role as a teacher seriously and expects his students to perform well.


Not much is known about Neko-sensei’s background or how he became a ballet teacher. The MyAnimeList page notes that he has a “strange obsession with being married,” but provides no further details on his personal history or how this fixation developed.

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Neko-sensei has a distinctly feline appearance, with a cat-like face, pointy ears, and whiskers. He wears a traditional Japanese teacher’s outfit, including a kimono and haori. His hair is short and dark. Overall, his appearance gives him a whimsical, almost magical quality that matches his eccentric personality.


As a ballet teacher, Neko-sensei is highly skilled in the art of dance. He is able to skillfully demonstrate ballet techniques and choreography to his students. However, other than his teaching abilities, no specific supernatural or martial arts powers are mentioned.


Neko-sensei is a character from the anime and manga series “Princess Tutu”. He serves as a supporting character, providing both guidance and humorous moments throughout the story. The origin of his cat-like appearance and fixation on marriage is not explicitly explained in the source material.

Neko-sensei – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Neko-sensei from “Princess Tutu”:

Who is Neko-sensei?

Neko-sensei is the ballet teacher at the prestigious Gold Crown Academy, where the main characters of “Princess Tutu” attend. He is a talking cat who serves as a mentor and guide to the students, especially the protagonist, Duck/Princess Tutu.

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What is Neko-sensei’s role in the story?

Neko-sensei plays an important role in guiding the students and helping them develop as dancers. He provides guidance, wisdom, and encouragement to the characters as they face the challenges of the story. Neko-sensei is a source of support and insight, especially for Duck/Princess Tutu.

What are Neko-sensei’s unique characteristics?

As a talking cat, Neko-sensei has several unique qualities. He is wise, patient, and knowledgeable about ballet and the arts. Neko-sensei also has a comedic and sometimes mischievous side that adds humor and levity to the story.

How does Neko-sensei interact with the other characters?

Neko-sensei has a close relationship with the students, especially Duck/Princess Tutu. He serves as a mentor and confidant, offering guidance and support. Neko-sensei also has a friendly relationship with the other ballet instructors at the academy.

What is the significance of Neko-sensei’s role in the story?

Neko-sensei’s role is significant in that he helps the characters, especially Duck/Princess Tutu, navigate the complexities of the story. His wisdom, insight, and guidance are crucial to the development of the characters and the overall narrative.

How does Neko-sensei’s portrayal contribute to the overall themes and tone of “Princess Tutu”?

Neko-sensei’s character contributes to the whimsical and magical tone of Princess Tutu, blending the mundane world of ballet with the fantastical elements of the story. His role as a wise, feline mentor also reinforces the themes of personal growth, self-discovery, and the power of art and performance.