Reiji Andou

Original Name: 安堂 麗治
Romaji Name: Andou Reiji
Nicknames: Andre
Series: Prison School
Age: Varies (high school student)
Weight: Varies
Height: Varies (tall)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Reiji Andou from “Prison School”: Exploring the Enigmatic Character

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Reiji Andou, also known as Andre, is a fascinating character in the “Prison School” anime and manga series. He has a distinctive personality that sets him apart from the other characters. Reiji is known for his towering height, immense strength, and most importantly, his masochistic tendencies. He derives pleasure from pain and willingly submits to various forms of punishment. Despite his unconventional preferences, Reiji is a loyal and caring friend who deeply values his companions.


Reiji Andou is one of the five first-year boys at Hachimitsu Academy, an all-girls school that has recently become co-ed. Due to a series of unfortunate events, Reiji and his friends find themselves imprisoned in the school’s underground detention facility. While the reasons for their imprisonment are unclear at first, it becomes clear that Reiji’s involvement in the underground student council and his rebellious nature played a significant role in their predicament.


Reiji Andou cuts an imposing figure with his towering height and muscular build. He is one of the tallest characters in the series, often standing head and shoulders above his peers. Reiji has short, black hair and a pronounced jawline. His most distinctive feature is his round, bespectacled face, which is often accompanied by a mischievous smile. He usually wears the standard Hachimitsu Academy uniform of a white shirt and black pants.


Reiji Andou’s physical prowess is one of his most outstanding attributes. His towering stature and muscular physique contribute to his remarkable strength. Reiji has exceptional stamina, allowing him to withstand considerable physical punishment without breaking. His tolerance for pain is remarkably high, in keeping with his masochistic tendencies. In addition, Reiji’s imposing presence and reputation make him an intimidating figure both inside and outside the prison walls.


Reiji Andou’s journey begins as one of the five boys sent to prison in Kangoku Gakuen (Prison School). The series delves into his experiences as he navigates the challenges of the correctional facility, forms bonds with his fellow inmates, and confronts the oppressive student council. Reiji’s origins and personal history beyond his time at Hachimitsu Academy remain largely undisclosed within the context of the series.

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Reiji Andou – FAQ

Who is Reiji Andou?

Reiji Andou is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Prison School”. He is one of the main characters and a former student of Hachimitsu Academy, the all-girls school that later becomes co-ed.

What is Reiji Andou’s personality like?

Reiji Andou is known for his eccentric and perverse personality. He often engages in inappropriate behavior and has a fascination with voyeurism. Despite his flaws, he is shown to be loyal to his friends and willing to go to great lengths to help them.

What is Reiji Andou’s role in “Prison School”?

Reiji Andou is one of the five male students initially enrolled at the formerly all-girls Hachimitsu Academy. Along with his friends, he becomes a member of the underground student council and is involved in various comedic and often risqué situations throughout the series.

Does Reiji Andou have any special skills or abilities?

Reiji Andou is not portrayed as having any extraordinary physical or intellectual abilities. However, he is shown to be resourceful and creative in finding ways to satisfy his voyeuristic tendencies. He also shows a talent for manipulation and persuasion.

What are Reiji Andou’s relationships with other characters in the series?

Reiji Andou has a close friendship with the other members of the underground student council, including Kiyoshi Fujino, Takehito Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto and Jouji Nezu. His relationship with the council’s president, Mari Kurihara, is strained at first, but gradually develops into mutual respect.

Does Reiji Andou undergo any character development?

Throughout the series, Reiji Andou experiences moments of growth and self-reflection. While he maintains his perverted tendencies, he also learns the value of friendship and loyalty. He becomes more willing to put himself in danger to protect his friends and develops a sense of responsibility.