Takehito Morokuzu

Japanese Name 諸葛 岳人
Romaji Name Morokuzu Takehito
Nicknames Gakuto, Gackt
Series Prison School
Age Varies (depending on the arc)
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Takehito Morokuzu, also known as Gakuto or Gackt, is a secondary protagonist in the anime and manga series “Prison School”. He has a unique personality that sets him apart from his peers. Gakuto is portrayed as a highly intelligent and knowledgeable character with a strong obsession with “The Three Kingdoms”, a historical novel. His deep knowledge of the subject often influences his actions and decisions.
Despite his intelligence, Gakuto is socially awkward and struggles with interpersonal relationships. He is often seen as eccentric and quirky, which contributes to his difficulty in connecting with others. However, Gakuto is a loyal and devoted friend, always willing to go to great lengths to support and protect his comrades.


Gakuto is one of the five boys sent to the harsh confines of the prison in Kangoku Gakuen, or Prison School. The series shows his experiences and challenges within this unique environment. Gakuto’s background before his incarceration is not explored in depth, but his passion for the “Three Kingdoms” and his academic prowess play an important role in his character development.


Gakuto is depicted as a bespectacled young man with short hair. In the early episodes of the anime and chapters of the manga, he is shown with shoulder-length hair. However, as a result of an incident with the student council president, he shaves his head as a form of punishment. Gakuto’s physical appearance reflects his serious nature and his willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of his friends.


Gakuto’s greatest strength lies in his intellect and strategic thinking. His extensive knowledge of the “Three Kingdoms” allows him to devise intricate plans and strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve his goals. He often serves as the brains of the group, providing valuable insight and solutions to complex situations.


Gakuto’s character originated in the “Prison School” series created by Akira Hiramoto. The manga was serialized from 2011 to 2017, and an anime adaptation aired in 2015. Gakuto’s role in the story revolves around his experiences as a male student in a predominantly female academy and his interactions with the other main characters.
Gakuto’s portrayal in both the manga and anime has garnered a significant fan base, with viewers appreciating his unique personality, intellectual prowess, and unwavering loyalty to his friends.
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Takehito Morokuzu – FAQ

Who is Takehito Morokuzu?

Takehito Morokuzu is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Prison School”. He is often referred to by his nickname “Gakuto”. Gakuto is one of the main protagonists and a student at Hachimitsu Academy, where the story takes place.

What is Gakuto’s personality like?

Gakuto is portrayed as a highly intelligent and dedicated student. He is known for his strong sense of honor and loyalty to his friends. Gakuto is also somewhat socially awkward and lacks confidence when it comes to interacting with others, especially girls.

What is Gakuto’s role in “Prison School”?

Gakuto serves as one of the main comic relief characters in the series. He is a member of the underground student council along with the other main characters. Gakuto is often involved in various plots and schemes to try to change the oppressive rules of the school.

What are Gakuto’s special skills or talents?

Gakuto is a master of strategy and has an impressive knowledge of various subjects, including math and history. He often uses his intellect to come up with intricate plans to achieve his goals. Gakuto is also skilled in martial arts, especially judo.

Does Gakuto have any unique quirks or habits?

Yes, Gakuto is known for his habit of speaking in a formal and archaic manner, using old-fashioned language and expressions. He also has a strong sense of chivalry and often refers to himself as a “man of pure honor. Gakuto is also obsessed with sumo wrestling and has an extensive collection of sumo-related items.

What are some memorable moments involving Gakuto in “Prison School”?

Gakuto has several memorable moments throughout the series. One memorable moment is when he sacrifices his own well-being to protect his friends and uphold his principles. Another memorable moment is when he participates in a sumo wrestling match against another character, showing his dedication and skill in the sport.