Shougo Makishima

Shogo Makishima

Makishima Shougo (槙島 聖護) is a fictional character who acts as the main antagonist of the Psycho-Pass anime series. Makishima is the man responsible for several crimes, and the main characters, the Bureau staff, are searching for him. Makishima desires the destruction of society created by the “Sybil” system, in which the treatment of people depends on their stress levels, and considers the punisher Shinya Kogami one of his sworn enemies. Makishima is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.

The character is created by screenwriter Gen Urobuchi, who tried to make the character as out of place as possible in the setting of the dystopian future of the series, which Shogo didn’t like. Director-director Naoyoshi Shiotani complemented the character with the theme of drawing parallels between Makishima and Kogami.

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Critics’ reviews of the character were very positive. His performance as a villain, his personality, and his actions earned praise. His rivalry with Shinya Kogami was also praised by critics. Makishima also appeared in the official NoitaminA poll, where he was well received by Japanese fans.


As a child, Makishima discovered that he could control his psycho-passport. Since childhood he was lonely. “I don’t know anything about his past, but I’m 100 percent sure there was a turning point in his life. That’s when he realized he was exceptional. He could control his psycho-passport. Some would consider it a privilege. But, Makishima didn’t see it that way. I suppose he felt alienated. In our society, if you’re not recognized by Sibyl, doesn’t that mean you don’t count as a person?” Kogami Shinya, Episode 20.

His only financial source was Segunji, whom he met 10 years before the story began. Makishima had been a part-time art teacher at the OSO academy for 3 years under the name Shibato Yukimori. The one thing that got into the man’s habit was reading. He reads a book a day with pleasure, while he does not accept electronic books at all. Probably it is also on a subconscious level a kind of denial of the System and everything associated with it. Makishima liked to play with people and his last toy was Kogami Shinya, with whom he played to the point that overthrowing Sibylle was overshadowed.


Makishima has a pleasant appearance: stately posture, slightly above average height, thin build, pale skin (affected by the lack of animal proteins), perfect facial features, and always presents itself according to the image. The image is worth talking about separately. It is woven of contradictions. On the one hand, Sego pursues his much beloved style which he has learned from books describing aristocratic society. That’s why he even grew his once short snow-white hair, and now it reaches just below his shoulders, which allows him to gather it in a ponytail, tying it up with a black ribbon. He often asks Choi to do this. But there are not many occasions to dress nobly, so a “teenage” style prevails during normal times. He likes to appear in something new to his audience, and can be occasionally bland and careless in appearance, or wear the exact same sweatshirt Choi wore the day before in a pressed white shirt outside with his shoes on barefoot.


The emotionally balanced type is the first thing that catches your eye. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. No doubt no matter what is going on around him, Makishima has no trouble maintaining complete composure, keeping the situation under control. The boundaries of “what is good and what is bad” he set for himself a long time ago, scarcely being guided by the norms of morality and ethics recognized by the System. He is characterized by a very great desire for independence, he is satisfied only with complete freedom. Therefore, regardless of their desire or lack thereof, Shogo is not averse to freeing other people from the System’s boundaries, and he even demands brutal violation of the boundaries of the permitted. He does this only at his own whim, to amuse himself, but he often hides his deviousness under a mask of hedonism. Makishima is extremely resourceful when it comes to matters of genuine interest.

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Excellent in hand-to-hand combat, good at psychology, and has a strong will to control his Crime Stats. His main weapon is the razor.

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Even beautiful flowers are destined to wither and fall. Such is the fate of all living things. And if so, the desire to preserve something in its greatest state of bloom is understandable.

People have value only when they act of their own free will.

– Why do you refuse? I thought you were capable of understanding… The happiness of being all-powerful and ruling the world.

– You mean like God? I suppose, in a way, it’s even fascinating. True, the role of referee or referee is not for me. I can’t genuinely enjoy the game without taking part in it. And you know, I love this game called life with all my heart. So no matter what, I’d rather stay a player for the rest of my life.

Shogo Makishima FAQ

Is Shogo Makishima evil?

Type of Villain

Shogo Makishima is the main antagonist of the first season of the anime series Psycho-Pass. He is a mysterious criminal who is unable to be detected by the Sibyl System, and the archenemy of Shinya Kogami.

What happens to Makishima in Psycho-Pass?

He was finally killed by Kogami.

Who is the real villain in Psycho-Pass?

Shogo Makishima (Japanese: 槙島 聖護, Hepburn: Makishima Shōgo) is a fictional character who was introduced as the main antagonist in Production I.G’s anime series, Psycho-Pass.