Original Name (Japanese) チラ之助
Romaji Name Chiranosuke
Nicknames N/A
Series Punch Line
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Chiranosuke is a talking cat spirit who serves as a guide to the protagonist, Yuta. He often floats on his back or side instead of staying on all fours like a normal cat. Chiranosuke is portrayed as a lecherous character who enjoys looking at women, as his name is a pun on the Japanese word “sukebe”, which means “lecher”. Despite this, he provides Yuta with important information about spiritual powers and his quest to save the world.


Chiranosuke is a cat-like spirit who appears to Yuta and informs him that he must find the Sacred Tome of Koraikan in order to return to his physical body. As a spirit guide, Chiranosuke plays an important role in advancing the plot and helping Yuta understand the supernatural elements of the story.

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Chiranosuke is described as a white cat with a blue ghost tail. He rarely stays on all fours like a normal cat, but often floats on his back or side in a mischievous manner.


As a spirit guide, Chiranosuke has the ability to interact with the supernatural world and provide Yuta with important information about spirit powers and his quest. He uses his lecherous nature to gain information and access to places that would otherwise be difficult for Yuta to reach.


Chiranosuke is an original character created for the anime and manga series Punch Line. His name is a play on words that refers to his lecherous personality, combining the Japanese words “chira” meaning “look” and “sukebe” meaning “lecher”.

Chiranosuke – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Chiranosuke from “Punch Line”:

Who is Chiranosuke?

Chiranosuke is a character from the anime and manga series “Punch Line”. He is the ghost of a cat who serves as a narrator and guide throughout the story, providing commentary and advice to the main protagonist, Yuuta.

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What is Chiranosuke’s role in the story?

Chiranosuke acts as a mentor and confidant to Yuuta, helping him navigate the supernatural elements of the “Punch Line” world. He offers insights, warns Yuuta of dangers, and generally helps him on his journey.

What are Chiranosuke’s supernatural abilities?

As a ghost cat, Chiranosuke has a number of supernatural abilities. He can levitate, pass through solid objects, and communicate with both the living and the dead. He also has premonition and can sense spiritual phenomena that ordinary people cannot.

What is Chiranosuke’s backstory?

Chiranosuke was once an ordinary house cat who died in an accident. However, his strong attachment to Yuuta’s family allowed his spirit to live on as a ghost. He has been watching over the family for years and decides to guide Yuuta through the events of “Punch Line”.

How does Chiranosuke interact with the other characters?

Chiranosuke has a unique relationship with each of the main characters in Punch Line. He is sometimes playful and mischievous, but also serious and wise when the situation calls for it. He serves as a bridge between the supernatural and the mundane.

What is Chiranosuke’s personality like?

Chiranosuke is portrayed as a sarcastic but caring spirit guide. He can be blunt and critical at times, but ultimately has Yuuta’s best interests at heart. He provides comic relief as well as profound insights into the nature of the “Punch Line” world.