Xiu Ye

Japanese Name 叶修
Romaji Name Xiu Ye
Nicknames Ye Qiu, Lord Grim
Series Quanzhi Gaoshou
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height 178 cm
Date of Birth May 29
Blood Type AB



The skilled protagonist of “Quanzhi Gaoshou”.


Xiu Ye, also known as Ye Xiu, is a central character in the anime series “Quanzhi Gaoshou” (The King’s Avatar). He has a strong-willed and determined personality, which makes him an exceptional player in the virtual gaming world. Ye Xiu is highly intelligent, strategic, and has an unwavering dedication to his craft. He is often described as a textbook expert and the “God of Fighting” among players.


Not much is known of Ye Xiu’s background. At the age of 15, he left his family to pursue his passion for video games. Despite returning home several times, his family struggled to accept his decision to become a professional Glory player, leading to strained relationships. Ye Xiu’s journey as a gamer began when the game Glory was released to the public. He quickly rose to fame, becoming the defending #1 ranked player and earning the title of “One Autumn Leaf”.


Ye Xiu is depicted as a tall and handsome individual with a height of 178cm. He has a calm and collected demeanor, often wearing a confident expression. His striking features, combined with his stylish clothing, make him a charismatic and recognizable character within the gaming community.


Ye Xiu is known for his exceptional skills and versatility in the gaming world. As a first-generation Glory player, he has mastered every profession, developed effective combo strategies, and created popular play styles. In the past, he has led Team Jiashi to three consecutive League Championships and won numerous individual awards.
In the past, Ye Xiu’s specialization as a combat mage gave him a deep understanding of combat mechanics. However, after adopting the unspecialized class, he shows his adaptability and expertise in different play styles. His combat prowess is further enhanced by his choice of weapons, such as the Evil Annihilation in the past and the Thousand Chance Umbrella in the present.


Ye Xiu’s journey in the gaming world began with his early success in Glory, where he quickly became one of the most influential figures. He used his twin brother’s identity card to register as a professional player in the first season of the Pro League tournament. This decision marked the beginning of his rise as Glory’s No. 1 Battle God and solidified his position as a gaming celebrity.
Throughout the series, Ye Xiu’s skill, experience, and determination make him a formidable player and a key figure in the gaming community. His contributions to the sport, both as a player and a strategist, have left an indelible mark on the virtual gaming world.

Xiu Ye – FAQ

Who is Xiu Ye in “Quanzhi Gaoshou”?

Xiu Ye is a fictional character from the Chinese novel and animated series “Quanzhi Gaoshou” (also known as “The King’s Avatar”). He is one of the main characters and a professional eSports player.
Xiu Ye’s in-game class in “Quanzhi Gaoshou” is a Battle Mage. He is known for his exceptional skills and strategic gameplay as a Battle Mage.

What is Xiu Ye’s real name in Quanzhi Gaoshou?

Xiu Ye’s real name in Quanzhi Gaoshou is Ye Xiu. He is also known by his in-game ID “One Autumn Leaf”.

What team does Xiu Ye belong to in “Quanzhi Gaoshou”?

Xiu Ye is a member of the Excellent Era team in Quanzhi Gaoshou. He is the former captain of the team and a highly respected player in the eSports industry.

What are Xiu Ye’s notable achievements in “Quanzhi Gaoshou”?

Xiu Ye has made several notable achievements in Quanzhi Gaoshou. He won the first ever championship in the game “Glory” and is known for his unparalleled gameplay and strategic skills.

What are Xiu Ye’s strengths as a player in Quanzhi Gaoshou?

Xiu Ye possesses exceptional game mechanics, quick thinking, and a deep understanding of the game mechanics in Quanzhi Gaoshou. He is known for his excellent adaptability and ability to formulate effective strategies on the fly.