Yomiko Readman

Original Name (Japanese) 読子・リードマン
Romaji Name Yomiko Readman
Nicknames The Paper, Agent Paper, Miss Paper
Series R.O.D: Read or Die
Age 30
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


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The enigmatic protagonist of “R.O.D: Read or Die”.


Yomiko Readman, also known as “The Paper”, is a fascinating and complex character with a unique personality. An introvert and bibliophile, Yomiko prefers the company of books to social interactions. She can often be found buried in her extensive collection, living in an apartment filled with books from floor to ceiling. Despite her social awkwardness and occasional clumsiness, Yomiko possesses a strong sense of determination and loyalty.


A substitute teacher by profession, Yomiko leads a seemingly ordinary life. However, unbeknownst to many, she is a secret field agent for the British Library. Yomiko’s code name within the organization is “The Paper,” reflecting her extraordinary ability to manipulate paper material. Her role as Papermaster gives her unique powers, such as making paper bulletproof, sharper than a sword, or even constructing giant paper airplanes that can fly.


Yomiko Readman is often recognized by her distinctive appearance. She wears glasses and has a bespectacled, scholarly look that complements her love of books. Her clothing is usually simple and modest, reflecting her unassuming nature. Yomiko’s appearance may lead others to underestimate her abilities, as she appears unassuming and unremarkable at first glance.


Yomiko’s abilities as a Papermaster are truly extraordinary. With her power over paper, she can bend it to her will and use it as a versatile tool in various situations. Yomiko can manipulate paper to make it impenetrable, allowing her to create shields or defensive barriers. She can also shape paper into sharp weapons, turning them into deadly projectiles. Her imagination is the only limit to the effects she can achieve, making her a formidable force in battle.

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Yomiko Readman is the protagonist of the “R.O.D.: Read or Die” series, which began as a Japanese novel. The series expanded into manga and anime adaptations that further explored Yomiko’s character and her adventures as a secret agent for the British Library. Her story revolves around her missions assigned by her enigmatic director, Mr. Joker, and her interactions with other agents who assist her in her endeavors.
Yomiko Readman’s journey unfolds as she navigates a world where books hold immense power and mystery. Her passion for literature intertwines with her duty as a secret agent, resulting in a unique blend of intellectualism and action. Yomiko’s character development is shaped by her social awkwardness, her dedication to her missions, and her growth as she overcomes obstacles.
Yomiko Readman’s story captivates audiences with its intriguing blend of espionage, supernatural abilities, and the power of knowledge. Her character represents the fusion of intelligence, strength, and vulnerability, making her a memorable and beloved protagonist in the R.O.D.: Read or Die series.

Yomiko Readman – FAQ

Who is Yomiko Readman?

Yomiko Readman is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series “R.O.D: Read or Die”. She is a secret agent codenamed “The Paper” due to her ability to manipulate paper with her mind. Yomiko is a bibliophile and works as a special agent for the British Library’s Special Operations Division.

What are Yomiko Readman’s special powers?

Yomiko possesses the power of “Paper Manipulation”, which allows her to control paper in various ways. She can shape it into weapons, create defensive barriers, fly with paper wings, and even use it to disguise herself. Her abilities are tied to her deep love of books and reading.

What is Yomiko Readman’s personality like?

Yomiko is portrayed as a gentle, introverted, and highly intelligent individual. She has a deep passion for books and is often lost in her reading. Yomiko is often portrayed as socially awkward and somewhat absent-minded, but she is also very dedicated to her work and loyal to her friends.

What is Yomiko Readman’s role in the British Library’s Special Operations Department?

Yomiko works as a Special Agent for the British Library’s Division of Special Operations, where she is assigned various missions related to the protection and recovery of rare books. Her expertise in paper manipulation makes her a valuable asset in the recovery and protection of important literary artifacts.

What does Yomiko Readman’s love of books mean to her?

Yomiko’s love of books is a central theme in R.O.D: Read or Die. It serves as the driving force behind her skills and motivations. Her deep connection to literature fuels her dedication to protecting books and knowledge. Yomiko’s passion for reading also symbolizes the power of imagination and the impact stories can have on individuals and society.

Are there any notable relationships in Yomiko Readman’s life?

Yomiko forms close relationships with several characters throughout the series. One of the most important relationships is her friendship with Nancy Makuhari, another British Library agent. The two share a deep bond and often work together on missions. Yomiko also develops a mentor-like relationship with a young girl named “Anita King”.