Original Name アルタイル
Romaji Name Altair
Nicknames Military Uniform Princess
Series Re:Creators
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Altair from “Re:Creators”: A mysterious and powerful character


Altair, also known as the “Military Uniform Princess”, is a character from the anime and manga series “Re:Creators”. She has a complex and enigmatic personality. Altair is driven by a strong desire to bring justice and improve the living conditions of the fictional worlds she comes from. She seeks to overthrow the creators of these worlds and harbors a deep resentment toward them. However, her true intentions are revealed to be more sinister, as she ultimately seeks the destruction of the real world. Altair is a determined and cunning character, willing to manipulate and use her powers to achieve her goals.


Altair’s background is closely tied to the online video “Altair: World Étude,” which was created by Setsuna Shimazaki, a friend of Souta, one of the main characters in “Re:Creators. Setsuna tragically took her own life, and Altair, a fan-fiction character from her video, came to life. This connection to Setsuna’s creation gives Altair a deep emotional attachment to her existence and fuels her desire for revenge against the Creators.


Altair’s appearance is distinct and recognizable. She wears a military-style outfit, reflecting her title as the “Military Uniform Princess”. The design features a combination of black, white, and red, giving her a striking and commanding presence. Altair has long, flowing black hair and piercing red eyes that add to her mysterious aura.


Altair possesses formidable supernatural abilities that make her a formidable opponent. She has the power to travel freely between worlds and can manipulate objects through telekinesis. Altair’s telekinetic control allows her to effortlessly wield multiple swords simultaneously for both offensive and defensive purposes. Her mastery of this power makes her a fearsome and versatile fighter.


Altair originated in the online video “Altair: World Étude” created by Setsuna Shimazaki. Originally a fan fiction character, she gained autonomy and became a complex entity within the “Re:Creators” universe. Her connection to Setsuna’s tragic fate and the emotional impact of her creation imbue Altair with a deep sense of purpose and determination.
Altair’s character in “Re:Creators” is a compelling blend of mystery, power, and psychological depth. Her intricate backstory, coupled with her unique appearance and formidable abilities, contribute to her status as a memorable and compelling character within the series. Altair’s role as a catalyst for conflict and her complex motivations make her a pivotal figure in the narrative, leaving viewers intrigued and eager to learn more about her character and the world she inhabits.

Altair – FAQ

Who is Altair in “Re:Creators”?

Altair is a fictional character in the anime series “Re:Creators”. She is a powerful character from the video game “Altair: World Etude”. In the story, she is brought to life and enters the real world.

What are Altair’s abilities?

Altair has a wide range of abilities and powers. She has superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. In addition, she can manipulate and control various elements such as fire, lightning, and wind. Altair is also skilled in combat and wields a powerful sword called “Gunpuku no Himegimi”.

What is Altair’s role in Re:Creators?

In Re:Creators, Altair serves as one of the main antagonists. She becomes a threat to both the fictional and real worlds as she attempts to destroy the Creators who have neglected their characters’ stories. Altair’s ultimate goal is to create chaos and rewrite reality.

How does Altair’s character evolve over the course of the series?

Altair undergoes significant character development throughout Re:Creators. Initially portrayed as a vengeful and destructive character, she gradually begins to question her motives and the nature of her existence. Altair forms unlikely alliances and experiences emotional growth, resulting in a complex and multi-dimensional portrayal.

What are Altair’s weaknesses?

Altair has immense power, but she also has some weaknesses. One of her weaknesses is that her powers are tied to the audience’s recognition and appreciation of her character. If people forget or lose interest in her, she becomes weaker. Altair also suffers from emotional instability, which can be exploited by her opponents.

Does Altair have any connections to other characters in Re:Creators?

Altair has relationships with several characters in Re:Creators. She has a complex relationship with the series’ protagonist, Sota Mizushino, and their interactions play a significant role in the story. Altair also forms alliances and rivalries with other fictional characters brought to life in the series, creating complex interpersonal dynamics.