Original Name グリ
Romaji Name Guri
Nicknames None
Series Renai Boukun
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Guri – The quirky Cupid of “Renai Boukun

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Guri, a character from the anime series “Renai Boukun”, is a Cupid and one of the main protagonists. Her personality can best be described as whimsical and carefree. She often acts on her own impulses and tends to be lazy. Guri takes a casual approach to her duties as Cupid, often causing chaos and comedy with her unconventional methods. Despite her laid-back demeanor, Guri genuinely cares about love and is passionate about helping others find it.


Guri is the daughter of Kami-sama, the God of Angels, and the Lord Demon Mavuro. As Cupid, her role is to facilitate romantic relationships between individuals. Although her background is not extensively explored in the series, it can be inferred that Guri has been involved in matchmaking for quite some time.


Guri’s physical appearance perfectly complements her playful personality. She has bright pink hair that falls in loose curls around her shoulders. Her large, expressive eyes are a bright shade of blue, adding to her overall cheerful appearance. Guri is often seen wearing a unique and colorful outfit, which further emphasizes her whimsical nature.


As Cupid, Guri possesses certain supernatural abilities related to love and relationships. Though the exact scope of her powers is not explicitly defined, she has the ability to create and manipulate “Kiss Notes”. These special notebooks have the power to make anyone whose name is written in them fall in love with that person. Guri’s Kiss Notes often serve as the catalyst for the comic and chaotic situations that unfold throughout the series.


Guri comes from the anime series “Renai Boukun”, which translates to “Love Tyrant”. Created by Megane Mihoshi, the series is a romantic comedy that explores the themes of love, fate, and the consequences of interfering in relationships. Guri’s character plays a central role in driving the plot, as her actions and whimsical nature set off a chain of events that affect the lives of the other characters.
In the series, Guri’s mischievous nature and unconventional approach to dating provide a humorous and entertaining perspective on the complexities of love. Her character adds a unique charm to “Renai Boukun” and contributes to the overall lighthearted and comedic tone of the series.

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Guri – FAQ

FAQ about Guri by “Renai Boukun

Who is Guri?
Guri is a main character in the anime and manga series “Renai Boukun”, also known as “Love Tyrant”. She is a cupid who possesses the Kiss Note, a magical notebook that can make people fall in love when their names are written together.
What are Guri’s characteristics?
Guri is a cheerful and mischievous Cupid with pink hair and a heart-shaped clip. She is known for her childlike innocence, energetic personality, and tendency to act on her whims. Guri is also shown to be naive and sometimes lacks common sense, which leads to humorous situations.
What is Guri’s role in the show?
Guri plays a central role in the series as the catalyst for the romantic chaos that unfolds. She uses the Kiss Note to pair off various characters, often resulting in unexpected and chaotic love triangles and quadrangles. Guri’s actions and the consequences of her matchmaking provide much of the show’s comedy.
Does Guri have any special powers?
Yes, as Cupid, Guri has magical abilities related to love and romance. Her most prominent power is the Kiss Note, which allows her to manipulate people’s emotions and create romantic connections between them. Guri can also transform into her angelic form, giving her additional powers and abilities.
What is Guri’s relationship to the other characters?
Guri has various relationships with the other characters in the series. She has a close friendship with Seiji Aino, the main male protagonist, and often involves him in her matchmaking schemes. Guri also has a complicated relationship with Akane Hiyama, another main character, as they both have romantic feelings for Seiji.
Does Guri have any character development?
Over the course of the series, Guri undergoes some character development. In the beginning, she is portrayed as carefree and whimsical, focusing only on making romantic connections. However, as the story progresses, Guri begins to understand the complexities of love and the consequences of her actions, leading to personal growth and a deeper understanding of her own emotions.