Kotori Kanbe

Original Name 神戸 小鳥
Romaji Name Kanbe Kotori
Nicknames None
Series Rewrite
Age Not specified
Weight 44 kg
Height 156 cm
Date of Birth July 26
Blood Type Not specified


Kotori Kanbe, a character from the visual novel and anime series “Rewrite,” has a bubbly and cheerful personality. She finds joy in the simple pleasures of life and appreciates small moments of happiness. Kotori has a special fondness for coins and discount items. Despite her friendly demeanor, she tends to have a limited circle of friends and has been close friends with the protagonist, Kotarou, since childhood.

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Kotori Kanbe comes from a tragic background. When she was very young, her parents died in a car accident. In an attempt to bring them back to life, she used her powers as a druid and monster user to resurrect them as familiars. However, this act caused her parents to lose their souls and memories. This event has had a lasting effect on Kotori, shaping her character and motivations.


Kotori Kanbe is portrayed as a beautiful young girl with a height of 156 cm and a weight of 44 kg. She has a slender figure and is often seen wearing her school uniform. With her vibrant red hair and bright blue eyes, Kotori stands out and attracts the attention of those around her.


Kotori has unique supernatural abilities. She is skilled in gardening and has a heightened sensitivity to supernatural phenomena. As a druid, she can sense and interact with mystical forces. In addition, Kotori is a skilled monster user, capable of creating creatures such as Chibimoth. She created Chibimoth using the body of her deceased dog, mammoth fangs as a catalyst, and the energy from the Aurora Forest Well. Kotori’s role is to protect the “Key” from those who would harm it. To protect the Key, she has surrounded the forest with a barrier, making her atelier undetectable.


Kotori Kanbe’s story and character originate from the visual novel “Rewrite”. Developed by Key, the renowned visual novel studio, “Rewrite” explores a world where supernatural phenomena and conflicts intertwine. Kotori plays an important role as one of the game’s heroines, and her journey provides insight into her past, her abilities, and her relationship with the protagonist, Kotarou.

Kotori Kanbe – FAQ

Who is Kotori Kanbe in “Rewrite”?

Kotori Kanbe is one of the main characters in the visual novel and anime series “Rewrite”. She is a high school student and a member of the Occult Club. Kotori is known for her energetic and cheerful personality.

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What is Kotori’s role in the story?

Kotori plays an important role in the overall story of Rewrite. Her journey in the visual novel is one of the main story arcs that explores her past, her motivations, and her relationship with the protagonist. Her story delves into themes of tragedy, sacrifice, and the importance of personal relationships.

What are Kotori’s unique abilities or traits?

Kotori has a unique ability called “Harvest Festival” which allows her to manipulate plants and control their growth. She often uses this ability to create various plant-based weapons, which she wields with remarkable skill. In addition, Kotori has a strong connection with familiar-like creatures called “Familiars,” which help her in battle.

What is Kotori’s relationship with the main character, Kotarou Tennouji?

Kotori and Kotarou have a complex and deep relationship throughout the story. They start out as childhood friends and share a close bond. As the story progresses, their relationship develops into a romantic one in certain story routes. Kotori’s route in particular focuses heavily on their relationship and the challenges they face together.

What are some of the key events in Kotori’s storyline?

Without going into major spoilers, Kotori’s storyline involves significant events such as uncovering her tragic past, dealing with the consequences of her actions, and facing various conflicts within the world of Rewrite. Her storyline also explores themes of personal growth, redemption, and the impact of choices.

Does Kotori have any memorable quotes?

While Kotori has several memorable lines in “Rewrite,” one of her notable quotes is: “Even if it’s just a little happiness, I want to protect it.” This line reflects her determination to protect the things and people she cares about, even in the face of adversity.