Lucia Konohana

Original Name 此花 ルチア
Romaji Name Lucia Konohana
Nicknames Class Rep
Series Rewrite
Age N/A
Weight 52 kg
Height 167 cm
Date of Birth December 23
Blood Type N/A


Lucia Konohana, a character from the visual novel and anime series “Rewrite”, has a strong sense of responsibility and justice. As the class representative of Kotarou’s class, she upholds the rules and has a no-nonsense attitude towards those who break them. Lucia is known for her demanding nature and is not afraid to use violence if necessary. Despite her strict nature, she also has a compassionate side, as evidenced by her involvement in Kotarou’s adventures and her desire to protect those she cares about.

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Lucia Konohana’s background is intertwined with the fictional world of Rewrite. She is a member of the Guardian, an organization dedicated to creating humans capable of surviving in a future wasteland filled with deadly miasma. Guardian achieved this through genetic engineering, which gave Lucia unique abilities. Her genetic modifications allow her to withstand the harsh conditions of the wasteland, but they also cause her body to produce toxic miasma and pus. To combat these side effects, Lucia relies on special medications. In addition, her genetic alterations cause her body to generate vibrations that she can direct at objects without physical contact.


Lucia Konohana has a striking appearance that reflects her strong and determined personality. She stands at a height of 167 cm and maintains a weight of 52 kg. Her physical measurements are listed as 93-59-86 (bust-waist-hip). Lucia has long flowing hair and captivating eyes. Her clothing usually consists of a school uniform, indicating her role as a class representative.


Due to her genetic modifications, Lucia possesses unique abilities that set her apart from ordinary humans. She can withstand the deadly miasma of the wasteland and has the ability to produce her own toxic miasma and pus. To control these harmful excretions, Lucia relies on special medicines. In addition, her body generates vibrations that she can direct at objects without physical contact. While these vibrations can be beneficial in combat, they can also inadvertently cause machinery and other mechanisms to malfunction. To mitigate this, Lucia wields a katana, which serves as both a weapon and a means of avoiding the disruptions caused by the vibrations.


Lucia Konohana comes from the visual novel “Rewrite” created by Key. The story of “Rewrite” takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is facing extinction due to environmental changes. Lucia’s character arc explores her role as a member of the Guardian and her interactions with the protagonist, Kotarou. Throughout her journey, Lucia faces personal challenges and deals with the consequences of her genetic modifications, all while striving to protect those she cares about and fulfill her responsibilities as a class representative.


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Lucia Konohana – FAQ

Who is Lucia Konohana?

Lucia Konohana is a character from the visual novel and anime series “Rewrite”. She is one of the main heroines and a member of the occult research society known as the Guardian.

What is Lucia’s background?

Lucia Konohana is a mysterious girl with a dark past. She is a synthetic human created by the Guardian’s research division, Gaia, as an experiment to serve as a weapon against supernatural creatures known as “familiars”.

What are Lucia’s abilities?

Lucia has unique abilities due to her synthetic nature. She has enhanced physical strength, speed, and regenerative abilities. In addition, she can manipulate her blood, known as “Red Mist,” to attack and defend herself.

What is Lucia’s personality like?

Lucia initially comes across as cold and distant, often keeping her emotions in check. She is dedicated to her mission and takes her responsibilities seriously. However, as the story progresses, her true caring and compassionate nature is revealed.

What is Lucia’s role in the story?

Lucia plays a pivotal role in the overarching plot of “Rewrite”. She becomes embroiled in the conflict between the Guardian and Gaia and is instrumental in uncovering the truth behind the mysteries of the city. Her story route explores her past and her relationship with the protagonist, Kotarou Tennouji.

Does Lucia have a romantic relationship?

Yes, Lucia can develop a romantic relationship with the protagonist, Kotarou Tennouji, in certain story paths. Their relationship will develop significantly as they face various challenges and learn more about each other’s pasts.

Are there any unique quirks or characteristics about Lucia?

One notable feature of Lucia is her distinctive eye color. Her eyes are heterochromatic, with one blue and the other red. This serves as a visual representation of her dual nature as a synthetic human and her connection to the Red Mist.