Madoka Kyouno

Original Name 京乃 まどか
Romaji Name Madoka Kyouno
Nicknames Madoka-chan
Series Rinne no Lagrange
Age 17
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified


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The protagonist of “Rinne no Lagrange


Madoka Kyouno, the protagonist of the anime series “Rinne no Lagrange”, has a vibrant and determined personality. She is a seventeen-year-old girl who is the only member of the Jersey Club in her hometown of Kamogawa. Madoka is known for her unwavering dedication to helping others, often going out of her way to assist other clubs and individuals in need.


Madoka’s background is closely tied to her role as pilot of the Vox Aura, a mysterious robotic aircraft. Ten years before the events of the series, Madoka had a near-drowning experience during which she encountered the Vox Aura for the first time. This encounter marked the beginning of her relationship with the powerful mecha.


In terms of appearance, Madoka Kyouno embodies the typical characteristics of a teenage girl. She has a youthful and energetic demeanor, often wearing her school uniform or casual clothes. Madoka has a peculiarity of saying “maru” when she is done helping someone, which adds a unique touch to her overall personality.


Madoka’s extraordinary abilities are demonstrated by her ability to control the Vox Aura. Despite being the only member of the Jersey Club, she demonstrates a remarkable talent for operating the powerful mecha. Her connection to the Vox Aura gives her the ability to engage in intense battles against various enemies in order to protect her home and those she cares about.

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Madoka’s origins are intertwined with the city of Kamogawa and the mysterious Vox Aura. Her encounter with the Vox Aura during her near-drowning incident sparked her destiny as its pilot. As the only member of the Jersey Club, Madoka embraces her responsibilities and fights to defend her home and maintain peace.

Madoka Kyouno – FAQ

FAQ about Madoka Kyouno from Rinne no Lagrange

Who is Madoka Kyouno?
Madoka Kyouno is the main character of the anime series “Rinne no Lagrange”. She is a cheerful and energetic high school student who becomes a pilot of a robotic mecha called Vox to protect her hometown from alien invaders.

What is Madoka’s role in the series?
Madoka is chosen as one of the “Kiss” pilots, a group of girls who have the ability to control the Vox mechas. Her mission is to defend her hometown of Kamogawa from the alien forces known as the “Le Garite” and “Jersey” factions.

What are Madoka’s personality traits?
Madoka is known to have a positive and optimistic personality. She is always cheerful, caring, and determined to protect her friends and loved ones. She is also shown to be brave and willing to take risks when it comes to defending her hometown.

What are Madoka’s skills as a Vox Pilot?
As a Vox Pilot, Madoka has enhanced physical abilities and can fly the Vox Mecha with great skill. She can perform various combat maneuvers and use the Vox’s powerful weaponry to fight the alien invaders. She also has a strong bond with her Vox, allowing her to unleash its full potential.

What challenges does Madoka face throughout the series?
Throughout the series, Madoka faces many challenges, including intense battles against the alien forces, personal conflicts, and the responsibility of protecting her hometown. She also deals with the emotional turmoil of being separated from her friends and the sacrifices she must make to fulfill her duty as a Vox pilot.

Does Madoka have close relationships with other characters?
Yes, Madoka forms close relationships with several characters in the series. She has a strong bond with her childhood friend Lan, who is also a Vox pilot. They share a deep friendship and support each other during their battles. Madoka also develops a close bond with Muginami, another Vox pilot, as they work together to protect Kamogawa.