Original Name 雛苺
Romaji Name Hinaichigo
Nicknames Kleine Beere, Chibi Ichigo
Series Rozen Maiden
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Hinaichigo of Rozen Maiden

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Hinaichigo, also known as “Little Berry” or “Chibi Ichigo”, is the sixth doll in the Rozen Maiden series. She is characterized by her childishness and innocence. Although she can seem naive and selfish at times, she genuinely cares for those she loves. Hinaichigo is easily tricked due to her trusting nature, and she dislikes being alone. Despite her flaws, she always has the best intentions for her friends and is willing to protect them.


Hinaichigo’s journey begins as one of the dolls created by Rozen, the master dollmaker. She participates in the Alice Game, a competition among the Rozen Maiden dolls to become the perfect girl, Alice. Hinaichigo’s power lies in her ability to control and manipulate strawberry vines, which she mainly uses to restrain opponents.


Hinaichigo has a distinct appearance that reflects her playful and youthful personality. She is a small doll with short pink hair and large round blue eyes. Her outfit consists of a ruffled pink dress with strawberry-themed accessories, in keeping with her name, which translates to “Doll Strawberry” or “Strawberry Doll”. Hinaichigo’s appearance embodies her childlike charm and innocence.


Hinaichigo’s abilities revolve around her control over strawberry vines. She can use these vines to restrain her opponents during fights. Despite her power, Hinaichigo’s disposition seems incongruous with her abilities, as she tends to nurture and care for others rather than engage in direct combat. Her abilities reveal her protective nature and her willingness to go to great lengths to ensure the safety of those she loves.


In the Rozen Maiden series, Hinaichigo is one of the dolls created by Rozen. She participates in the Alice Game, a competition in which the dolls compete to obtain the Rosa Mystica, a source of power that grants the title of Alice. Throughout the series, Hinaichigo’s character evolves as she faces various challenges and sacrifices. Her journey ultimately highlights her growth, resilience, and unwavering loyalty to her friends.

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Hinaichigo – FAQ

Who is Hinaichigo in “Rozen Maiden”?

Hinaichigo is a character from the anime and manga series “Rozen Maiden”. She is one of the seven living dolls known as the Rozen Maidens, created by the enigmatic dollmaker Rozen.

What is Hinaichigo’s personality like?

Hinaichigo is portrayed as a cheerful and energetic character. She often displays a childlike innocence and can be somewhat mischievous at times. She is known for her love of sweets and can become quite upset if someone tries to take her snacks away.

What are Hinaichigo’s abilities?

Hinaichigo has the ability to communicate with and control small objects, especially her beloved strawberry-shaped stuffed rabbit. She can make it move and perform various tasks using her telekinetic powers. She also has the ability to switch between her puppet form and a human-sized appearance.

What is Hinaichigo’s relationship to the other Rozen Maidens?

Hinaichigo has a complex relationship with the other Rozen Maidens. While she cares for them as her sisters, she often finds herself at odds with some of them due to their different personalities and goals. She has a particularly rocky relationship with Suigintou, the first Rozen Maiden.

What is Hinaichigo’s role in the story?

Hinaichigo plays an important role in the story of Rozen Maiden. She represents the fourth doll in the Rozen Maiden series and contributes to the overall narrative by participating in the Alice Game, a competition among the Rozen Maidens to become the perfect doll and meet their creator, Rozen.

Does Hinaichigo have any notable story arcs or character development?

Yes, Hinaichigo undergoes remarkable character development throughout the series. She starts out as a relatively carefree and playful character, but gradually matures and becomes more determined to protect her friends and find her own purpose in the Alice game. Her growth and personal journey add depth to her character.